Simple Kimchi Recipe: Cut-Up Kimchi (막김치)

What makes a good kimchi recipe?   Here is a short list of what a good kimchi recipe should have: – Easy to follow kimchi recipe with a clear direction – A kimchi newbie should feel like “I can do … Continued

Kimchi Recipe – Authentic Korean Kimchi Recipe (Kim-Chi, 김치)

Kimchi Recipe – Authentic Korean Kimchi Recipe Are you looking for the authentic Korean kimchi recipe? Look no further.  This kimchi recipe is your answer. Kimchi is the national dish of Korea. Just like any family in Korea, my mom … Continued

Korean Chili Pepper Paste (Go-Chu-Jang, 고추장)

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[kad_youtube url=”″ width=500 height=300 ] Gochujang, Korean chili pepper paste, is a staple ingredient in Korean cuisine. The main ingredients of gochujang are gochugaru (Korean chili pepper flakes), fermented soy beans, rice, and salt. It’s savory, salty, spicy and slightly … Continued

Bibimbap (Bi-bim-bap, 비빔밥)

[kad_youtube url=”” width=500 height=300 ] Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish. It’s a well balanced, nutritious meal in a bowl. When I feel indecisive at a Korean Restaurant, Bibimbap is the Gopher’s go-to dish because it has everything in it … Continued

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