In Kimchi, quick and easy kimchi recipes for weight loss, clear skin, and a healthier you, you will discover:


  1. how to make your kimchi --- quickly…
  2. how to safely ferment and eat kimchi…
  3. and how to get healthier with your kimchi…


By making and eating kimchi at home.


Sounds crazy, but it’s true.


And I’ll show you exactly how to do it.




I started teaching about kimchi-making and its essential role in health and wellness in March of 2014.


In six years, I’ve gotten over 5 million views on YouTube with hundreds of kimchi fans raving about their kimchi success - therefore, their health improvement. 


In 2015, I became medicine-free, including steroids, I had relied on for 30 years with customized-kimchi, food, and simple lifestyle changes. 


Let me repeat that:  I became medicine-free and got healthier as I got older.


It’s also important to realize that I did this with simple, natural tools - such as kimchi, food, and small yet impactful adjustments in my life without magic supplements that come in a bottle.


In Kimchi, I show the exact recipes I used (and the same recipes OTHERS followed) to lose weight, get clear skin, and get healthier from kimchi so you can have the same success.




You might be thinking this is a one-off example; that my experience was an anomaly, or that it can only work in certain ages under certain conditions.


No way this can work for an overall improvement of your health and wellness…


I thought this way myself for a while.


After all, if kimchi is really this powerful, why don’t more people use it?


So I started digging


Over the course of several months, I found hundreds of scientific researches that prove the health benefits of kimchi. I also went through all comments and the emails I have received from my kimchi fans about how kimchi has improved their health in real life from weight loss, clear skin, and overall improvement of their well-being.  Here are just a few examples:


Words from the Health Authorities
  • “Gut microbes closely linked to proper immune function, other health issues” - Source: ScienceDaily
  • “Kimchi protects against COVID-19, a study says” - Source: Dong-A Newspaper
  • “9 Surprising Benefits of Kimchi” - Source:
  • “...fermented foods, such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi or the tea product called kombucha contain “good bugs” or microorganisms that may promote good health and aid digestion …” - Source:  Mayo Clinic
  • “’s one of the best probiotic foods you can add to your diet…” - Source: David Perlmutter MD


Words from the Your Kimchi Peers
  • “Nothing could have surprised me more when I realized that I was beginning to lose weight consistently without really trying...Guess what - I was eating Kimchi... I surmised that the bacteria in the fermented vegetables must have changed my metabolism and caused the weight loss. To date, I have lost 45 lbs, and that puts me nearly halfway to my goal.” - John

  • “Finding your great tutorial and start having delicious kimchi in my fridge every time came along with changing my eating habits in general...So now I feel happier with more energy and a few pounds of weight loss” - Ute

  • “I have no particular health interests in kimchi other than that it is delicious and calorie free.  Eating kimchi allows me to eat much less of other things because it's so satisfying” - Kris

  • “Love your videos and really enjoy learning how to make kimchi. I now eat it almost everyday...sometimes with every meal! Its really nice to find something healthy and delicious. Learning the he art of naturally preserving food helps us stay grounded and in touch with our roots and shows us a better way to live” - Michael



That’s the question I wanted answered, and it’s the question that fueled my new book, Kimchi: Quick and Easy Kimchi Recipes for Weight Loss, Clear Skin, and a Healthier You


In it, I explore:


  • The Reasons Behind Kimchi And Healthier You– the underlying principles of WHY it’s crucial for your health and your communities’ health – essential if you care about using kimchi for your health and wellness.
  • 7 Kimchi Recipes To Boost Your Health – simple and flavorful kimchi recipes to ensure your kimchi success 
  • 4 Bonus For Your Easy Kimchi Journey – introduction and shopping guide for gochugaru (Korean chili pepper flakes) and three recipes for cooking with kimchi
  • 8 Companion Recipe Videos For Your Easy Kimchi Journey – step by step visual demonstration of the recipes in the book 



If you care about putting Kimchi to work and boost your health from it - quickly (while delighting your taste buds with bursting flavors), The Complete Bonus Package is what you’re looking for.


Here’s what you get:


  • The Kimchi Master Course: Boost your health. Boost your immune system with your personalized kimchi. Make your kimchi adventure - safe, fun, and relaxed by learning the fundamentals of kimchi-making (and step-by-step kimchi recipe videos you can use right away)
  • Health Transformation Quick Starter Toolkit: Get a sample meal plan and exact food chart I used to choose the right food (and reduce highly inflammatory foods). And the tracker to set you up for success by training your brain to stay focused on your progress, not setbacks. (The results? Flat belly, smooth skin without steroids, and greater energy) 
  • Simple Korean Cooking (digital book): Get 12 simple, authentic recipes with companion cooking videos to make you an instant Korean cooking rockstar amongst your family and friends. (and lose a few pounds along the way by eating healthily and flavorfully).  
  • Kimchi (digital book): Quick and Easy Kimchi Recipes for Weight Loss, Clear Skin, and a Healthier You - proven with 5 million views on YouTube
  • 1 hour complimentary Kimchi Secret or Health & Wellness Boost session: Get your kimchi right. Boost your health and wellness with a proven strategy. This powerful session will help you unstuck - either with your kimchi problems or your health challenges. You’ll get a custom-fitted strategy during the full 1-hour session for the lasting results.



I’ve seen similar packages sell for $582+


I know because I’ve bought them.


But in the spirit of Pay What You Want, I want to lower the barrier to entry, while still rewarding those who generously contribute to my creative work.


If you can afford $582, just think of all the goodwill you’re offering those who can’t quite afford it.


Every dollar goes straight back into creating more simple, practical solutions for healthier you, so the more you contribute, the more I’ll be able to create.


So thank you for that.


If you can’t afford $582, contribute what you can and then make sure to pass on the generosity to others.


Get the Complete Bonus Package


Get Kimchi + 4 exclusive bonuses (for people who are serious about getting healthier with kimchi, food and beyond )





Get Kimchi (the book) plus Health Transformation Quick Starter Toolkit :


  • "Get The Body You Want" Meal Plan Quick Starter - a consistent, healthful diet guides, the healthful diet food chart, and the recipes (the same plan I have followed - lost 14 Lbs, never bounced back, and got clear skin without steroids)
  • 7-Day "Get The Body You Want" Meal Plan - a 7-day easy meal plan, following the Quick Starter recipes.
  • Hungry Gopher's Health and Wellness Tracker - a neuro-physiologically designed to stay focused on your health progress, not setbacks. (the same tracker I used every day in 2 years 3 months to overcome my health challenges- the result? I have gotten healthier as I am getting older =D) 
And a bonus “15 min complimentary Kimchi Secret session or Health & Wellness Boost session”:
  • Option 1: a live Kimchi Secret session - get answers for your kimchi questions ( great opportunity to learn Sun’s Kimchi Secret)
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Get the Book + 2 Bonuses


Get Kimchi (the book) +  Health Transformation Quick Starter Toolkit + 15 min complimentary session


Kimchi: Quick and Easy Kimchi Recipes for Weight Loss, Clear Skin, and a Healthier You (just the book) has everything you need to make your kimchi --- quickly. 


I spent the bulk of my time making this book standalone and powerful. I literally spent hundreds of hours creating it, and I’m super confident it will help you make your kimchi --- quickly, deliciously, and safely.


A book like this (with 8 companion videos) could reasonably be priced at $39 or more (I’ve paid more for less comprehensive books), but in the spirit of Pay What You Want, I’m making this available for less than a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop.


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Kimchi: Quick and Easy Kimchi Recipes for Weight Loss, Clear Skin, and 
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