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My name is Sun Chung (but you can call me HG).

I’m the founder & host of Hungry Gopher, a steady-growing YouTube channel where I share a tasty, bite-size, personally-tested health information to help YOU on your Health and Wellness journey!

If you struggle with chronic skin conditions, weight problems or health issues that you can’t seem to shake off, then you’re in the right place.

My goal with Hungry Gopher is to deliver the motivation and strategies you need to TRANSFORM your health and wellness journey so that you have energy, time, and money to do things that you enjoy doing. (did you know that No.1 reason that most Americans file for bankruptcy is tied to medical issues?)


Hungry Gopher Kimchi Demo at Mar Vista Farmers market

In the last 46 months, I’ve invested over 3992 hours on researching, creating and testing the Health and Wellness Transformation System to overcome my health challenges.

However, before the Health and Wellness Transformation System came to fruition, my health and wellness journey was full of struggle and searching.



After using steroids for 30 years for seborrheic eczema, I struggled with severe skin problems, even with more uses of steroids. Then chronic sleeping problems, brain fog, and depression came…

In 2015, I learned how to TRANSFORM my skin all naturally by applying epigenetics. (watch this video for a brief explanation of epigenetics… Skip to 2:37 to skip the intro)


Here’s a video of my skin TRANSFORMATION journey. (I’m willing to bet you can relate if you are a skin sufferer…)


Chapter one of my health transformation journey

Here is what I achieved from August 2015 to February 2018:

  • Clear, beautiful skin WITHOUT any medication (including steroids I relied on for 30 years)
  • The disappearance of seasonal allergies
  • Full hair (a thinning area on top of my head was recovered)
  • Dark circles under my eyes – gone
  • Improved brain function, memory, and mood
  • High energy and motivation when I woke up in the morning (imagine that!)
  • Overall improved sleep
  • A lot less joint and muscle pain (especially knee pain was gone)
  • The disappearance of jaw pain
  • Tight body (Lost 14 pound in 12 months and never saw them again – never had imagined me without pot belly)

14-day diet

In 2017, I tried the same exact system on my Mom for her severe back pain. And it worked, almost IMMEDIATELY!

Here is a 3 part video series of my Mom’s case


March 2018, something totally, unexpected happened…

“Suddenly”, I became VERY sick with no apparent diagnosis. The main symptoms were:

  • Severe vertigo
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog

Watch this 2:36 video to find out more…

I went to see doctors, including a naturopathic and an acupuncturist. We ran a bunch of tests, including lupus. All my blood work turned out perfectly normal. Yet, I was barely walking upstairs from exhaustion.

I had a difficult time forming clear words from brain fog to tell Mr. Lunch (my partner) what I was going through… It was the most challenging time of my life, not to mention what Mr. Lunch had to go through watching his partner this way so helplessly…

March of 2019, when I hit a year mark with very little progress. I decided to get professional help in one area that I had not fully explored. I was desperate. It was the ONLY option I had left. So I pulled the trigger…

Applying Biocognitive science in my daily life with the guide of Dr. Mario Martinez started healing me.

The result is AMAZING.

I started feeling like myself again. I felt well enough in April 2019 that I started posting videos again on Hungry Gopher. After 13 months of darkness, I finally started seeing light – bright, promising, and hopeful light!

Health and wellness cooking demo at Co+op market and deli

Chapter Two of My Health Transformation Journey

Here is what I achieved since March 2019:

  • My energy is back again, baby!
  • Clear mind and thoughts (boy… if you had brain fog, you know how amazing this feels!)
  • Much reduced vertigo
  • Much less food sensitivity
  • Blissful sleep

With the struggle, growth, and evolution of my health and wellness journey, my Health and Wellness TRANSFORMATION System have been optimized. Through chapter two of my wellness journey, I found THE MISSING LINK for optimal health…

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