Kimchi and Korean Food

Have You Made Your Kimchi Yet

The Ultimate 3

Kimchi Recipe


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The Kimchi Master Course – Quick announcement and a favor

The Kimchi Master Course

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Simple Korean Cooking

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Easy Poke Recipe in 5 minutes

7 day meal plan

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Zion National Park – The Ultimate Hiking Adventure

Health YouTube Membership

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Glacier National Park Ep1

Health and Wellness Boost Coaching

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Healthy Eating Ep1 – Awareness & Inflammation

Health and Wellness Boost

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case studies

The Power of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and the Connection Between Inflammation and Back Pain

(A Case Study of My Mother Ep.1)

How the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plans Reduced Back Pain

(A Case Study of My Mother Ep.2)

Your Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain Can Be Reversed By Eating Real

My Personal Story