Kimchi Health Formula

Ancient health secrets made simple for weight loss, clear skin, and vitality

Are You Ready To Boost Your Health with Kimchi Health Formula?

  • Enjoy flavors while improving your gut health
  • Get healthier with more energy with simple, tasty superfoods
  • Learn the most natural way to boost your immune system
  • Get a flatter belly, clear skin, and less pain in the body with the powerful, anti-inflammatory foods
  • Improve your gut health with easy kimchi recipes and proven health formula

Do you want to get on the effortless weight loss path with flavors you’ll love?

  • Learn the best type of kimchi that fits your taste, your body, and your schedule so that you can eat healthily by investing just 20-mins a month
  • Enjoy the flavors you love while supporting your immune system with the probiotic-rich superfood
  • Improve your digestion with high fiber and lower-calorie kimchi that you love
  • Get a personalized kimchi recipe so that your kimchi adventure is safe, easy, and fun
  • Learn the varieties of easy kimchi recipes so that you can use your favorite veggies, easy to find ingredients or garden bounty.

Do you want super easy kimchi recipes that are best for YOUR gut health?

In Kimchi Health Formula,  you’ll get

  • 6 Individualized super easy kimchi recipes (best kimchi for YOUR gut health)
  • Non-spicy, plant-based 10 min water kimchi recipes (with easy to find ingredients)
  • Red radish kimchi with radish tops
  • Green cabbage kimchi with Gochugaru substitutes
  • Korean radish kimchi with or without oysters
  • White kimchi (non-spicy and plant-based)
  • Napa cabbage kimchi with starch mixture substitutes
  • All recipes have easy plant-based options available…

Are you ready to make your own kimchi at home safely and easily with the proven kimchi formula?

In Kimchi Health Formula,  you’ll get

  • Easy Kimchi Making with Sun (3 Kimchi Workshop Replays)
  • All the recordings of the sessions and instant access to the Kimchi Master Course
  • Substitutes and alternatives hard-to-find ingredients
  • Step-by-step varieties of kimchi recipe videos
  • Easy non-spicy, mild, and plant-based diet options of kimchi recipes
  • Simple authentic kimchi recipes
  • gochugaru substitute with local/easy to find ingredients
  • napa cabbage substitute or alternative
  • Fermentation: Do’s & Dont’s
  • Optimal kimchi fermentation guide
  • Food safety and storage
  • Starch mixture Do’s & Don’t
  • Eay kimchi hacks and shortcuts
  • And much, much more (take a peek at what’s inside the course)


Special Bonuses of $396 value for free

  • The Gut Healing Meal Plan Quick Starter
  • Top 3 Gut Healing Tea List ( my secret microbiome balance tea list)
  • Gut health cure foods list
  • A 30-min one-on-one kimchi health session with Sun
  • Salting technique cheatsheet, (including how to fix oversalting)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How kimchi improves my health? Would it help me with digestion, skin, energy or/and weight?

80% of your immune system is located in your gut. Without a healthy gut, you’ll NOT get lasting weight loss or clear beautiful skin. According to WebMD, gut health will also improve your digestion, protect your heart, and support your immune system. Effortless weight loss is one of the most common feedback I get from my kimchi students. Here is what Kris says, “Satisfying flavors…calorie-free. Eating kimchi allows me to eat much less of other things because it’s so satisfying.”

Q. Does kimchi have to be spicy?

No, kimchi does not have to be spicy. In fact, for many years, kimchi was made without gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes). You are at the right place. Kimchi Health Formula is all about having you make and enjoy kimchi that fits you perfectly. For example, I ate only white kimchi and water kimchi for three and a half years when I was very sensitive to red peppers so that I could rip the benefits without risking my health. You’ll get step-by-step individualized guidance through the course, the kimchi demos on demand, and more.


Q. I am too busy or/and I don’t have the energy to make kimchi – any suggestions?

I recommend trying chapter 4-6, the water kimchi lesson. The recipe only takes 10 minutes to make kimchi with the ingredients that you probably already have in your refrigerator. You will be sure to have super delicious kimchi to start boosting your health right away. Then you can start learning about the wonderful world of fermentation safely and easily with the Kimchi Master Course with step-by-step recipe videos, a safe fermentation guide, and more. 


Q. Where can I get the ingredients?

We’ll make kimchi together with the ingredients that you can easily find at your local store or garden bounty. This way, your kimchi adventure is easy and fun. I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to make easy kimchi at home with what you have in the fridge in the program. So you’ll walk away with a big (or small) jar of kimchi that fits your taste, your body, and your environment. This way you’ll start improving your health right away while enjoying wonderful new flavors you’d love. Also, you have access to a variety of easy kimchi recipe videos in the course for inspiration. 

Q. How to make it easy?

Just like you, I like things simple and easy. You’ll get the EXACT simple kimchi recipes I’ve developed over 14 years if you want to follow my recipes. You’ll also learn the simple concept of lacto-fermentation both through the course and the recorded kimchi demos so that you can easily make your own kimchi that fits you just right. 


Q. How to assimilate to the taste?

Good news. You don’t have to assimilate to the taste. You’ll make kimchi that fits your taste and need. Simply follow one of the recipes that suit you in the course OR create your own kimchi by learning simple and safe kimchi-making foundations. Whether you like mild or pungent flavors, you are covered by joining Kimchi Health Formula.


Q. Types and varieties – I love young radish kimchi so i need a how to…

Awesome! You’ll learn varieties and types, including radish kimchi recipes in Kimchi Health Formula.


Q. Is there a limit to the amount of kimchi that can be consumed daily?

It’s safe and easy on the body in general. Start slowly if you are new to kimchi. Then monitor how your body responds to use the feedback to balance. One of the most common comments I get is how kimchi is EASY on digestion. However, if you have digestive problems or recurring skin issues – I recommend eating kimchi without red peppers first until your system is calm down. When you join Kimchi Health Formula, you’ll get a 30-minute complimentary coaching call with me so that you get individualized guidance.


Q. How can I get the salt level right every time?

Oversalting is one of the most common kimchi questions I get because it’s a little tricky. You’ll get step-by-step “how to get the salt level right” video guidance (including how to fix oversalting) when you enroll in Kimchi Health Formula.


Q. How long does kimchi last refrigerated?

Technically, kimchi does NOT go bad. Fermentation is a forgotten ancient art in our modern society. Also, fermentation is the most natural and safe way to preserve foods. The longer it ferments, the tangier it’ll get. They continue to change as kimchi ferments. You’ll learn simple and safe fermentation tips in Kimchi Health Formula. So you’ll know exactly how to store it safely and easily so that you can get the maximum benefits of kimchi WITHOUT risking your health.


Q. Do I really need to use starch in my kimchi?

It depends on the type of kimchi and your taste. You’ll learn when to omit it or when to use it in Kimchi Health Formula. The starch mixture can add great texture and flavor to many types of kimchi, especially water kimchi. You’ll learn step-by-step how to play with the starch mixture to add a variety of kimchi to your diet – which means quicker gut health improvement.


Q. Do you have a guarantee?

Satisfaction Guarantee – full refund within 5 days of your purchase/ no questions asked.


Q. How much is Kimchi Health Formula?

Your Investment in Kimchi Health Formula is just $197. It’s a crazy good deal. You’ll never see the price this low again for this level of the program. A small jar of kimchi is $12 at a local store. so if you make a large jar of easy water kimchi twice, the course will pay for itself.

I usually charge $497 for a program like this – so it’s 61% off. I wanted to offer great value at an affordable price because I am committed to providing simple, natural methods of boosting your health – deliciously.

Questions ? or call me at (323) 505-9169.


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