Tomato Kimchi (토마토 김치)

[kad_youtube url=”” width=500 height=300 ] Tomato Kimchi Recipe(토마토 김치) Are you searching for a simple yet perfect kimchi recipe? Here is one for you, my mom’s tomato kimchi recipe. Have you ever thought about yourself as a fruit or vegetable? … Continued

Korean Spicy Pork (Je-Yuk-Bokk-Eum, 제육볶음)

[kad_youtube url=”″ width=500 height=300 ]   Spicy pork is a very common dish in Korea.  I have a lot of fond memories of eating this delicious pork candy at the family dinner table. When I was young, I was allergic to pork … Continued

The Gopher’s adventure: a great American road trip

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[kad_youtube url=”” width=500 height=300 ] The Gopher believes in feeding healthy nutrition to both the body and mind. Recharging doesn’t only apply to the electronic devices we own. We must also recharge our minds. Since the inception of Hungry Gopher, … Continued

Hungry for Kimchi?

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This pungent, Korean staple goody is a must try. Kimchi is not just a nutritious side dish, it’s also a versatile, base ingredient which can be used to make many other dishes. Did you know Kimchi was chosen as one … Continued

Kimchi Recipe

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Here is a comprehensive kimchi recipe video created by Hungry Gopher =). I hope you find it helpful in making kimchi magic.

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