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Hungry Gopher came to life when I came into a jackpot of turning points in my life, aka a mid-life crisis.

In the year 2013, I came into the perfect storm of events that one would call a midlife crisis.
The industry I had built my career in over the past 10 years in Los Angeles literally melted down.

I also hit 40 and I was feeling old. I was unsure as to where my future might lie.

Most of my close friends moved out of the city, so my social life shrank.
Mr. Lunch and I finally came to a decision to try to have a baby, but alas nature didn’t cooperate.

Then, I felt trapped and depressed. At first, I waited for things to happen. Then one day I realized that I was done “waiting”. I was ready to take action to get what I wanted in my life, to LIVE.

I am introverted by nature. Sometimes, I just want to stay down in my hole and play it safe. But, when curiosity comes over me, I pop out of the hole with a strong urge to grow and learn about the world around me.

If you are watching this, I know the Gopher is in you, too.

In the midst of growing Hungry Gopher, I caught a big break, or rather I received a wake-up call.

I’ve suffered from numerous allergies and a chronic skin condition, called Seborrheic dermatitis since I was a little kid. It’s called 지루성 피부염 in Korean. For over three decades I used steroidal medicine to alleviate the symptoms.

Last year, in August of 2015, I learned that I could treat the cause, not the symptoms by changing my lifestyle.

By no other force than altering my diet and modifying small things in my life I was able to alleviate my chronic symptoms.

For the first time in my life, in over 3 decades, I have been free of taking steroidal medicine.

So it’s your turn. I’ll share the knowledge and experience that I’ve learned through my research, trial, and errors.
Your body has an incredible healing power inside it. IF and only IF you provide it with the right environment and the right nutrition. Work with your body and mind,not against it.

Here are some of the side effects of eating real foods and avoiding fake foods that I have observed over the past year.

anti inflammation diet

5 things I did to lose 14 pounds in 12 months and become medicine free


I’ve lost a total of 14 lbs/ 7kg that I had never been able to shed over the years.
Most importantly, I feel both wholesome and content.


So now it’s your turn. Start with the small things that you can do today. Here are three things you can try immediately.

Number 1, Drink water. If you are not a fan of drinking water, check out my DIY Infused Water video post at Hungry Gopher.com

Number 2, Eat a nutrient dense, low carb breakfast. You can find my super green smoothie recipe on my website as well . Invest 10-minutes of your day to set your day on the right path.

Number 3. Eat probiotic foods, such as kimchi. Check out “Resources” for simple kimchi recipes and more information about kimchi.

I’ll make sure to continue to share with you what I have learned. But, you hold the key. You are the only one that can take action.

Do what you can with what you have at where you are.


Eat Real, Be Real
Hungry Gopher


Resources I mentioned in the video:

Download 5 things I did to lose 14 pounds in 12 months (and become medicine free)

16 Thoughts on “14 pounds,12 months & anti inflammation diet”

  • I started changing my diet last year for anti-inflammation as well. It made such a huge difference, helping to reverse some health issues I had developed. Thanks for sharing your victory! I’m glad you’re happier and healthier!

  • Hi Sun,

    Thank you for sharing this tips. I also have an inflammation in my body and become autoimunne. For the last 2 years I already change my dietary becoming more healthy. Now your tips can add more combination in my dietary. Stay healthy and keep sharing more healthy tips.

  • Hi Sun, thank you for sharing your stories with us. I am diagnosed with Sebborhoic Dermatitis too. I am not dependent on medication, but my scalp is still inflamed and itchy from time to time. I am experiencing hair loss at crown of my head, too. Hormonal imbalance has always been my issue, and I am very excited to hear that I can use food to resolve my problems (weight gain, stress, irritability, mood swings, itchy scalp).

    Will you be able to provide me with more information on how you changed your lifestyle? Is there any certain food that you cut out of your diet, which I may follow? I am truly inspired by your transformation, and I am looking forward to seeing myself that way too.
    Thank you once again 🙂

    • Hungry Gopher April 3, 2017 | Reply | (Edit)
      Hi Fran,

      My pleasure. I am glad you find my story to be an inspiration for your transformation.

      It’s great you seek for natural ways to reverse your symptoms. It took me many years to even understand that I was an addict to steroid medicine. That makes you in a much better position than where I had to start.

      I understand what you are going through. Mood swings and depression were hard ones to overcome. The good news is as my inflammation has been going down, even my hair has come back. My husband has commented the other day that how my thinning spot has fully recovered =).

      Think of your body as a complex ecosystem. It really is a wonder of nature.
      One food you have to remove without a doubt with chronic inflammation condition is gluten.

      You can download a free list here for more info, https://hungrygopher.leadpages.co/5-things-i-did-lm-kmcfunnel/

      Also, look at the resources I mentioned in this blog post. The books I mentioned in the resources will help you understand your body.
      If you are too busy or have a terrible brain fog due to inflammation, a podcast is a great resource to learn. Look up the authors of the books, and start learning that way.

      Also, make sure to sign up my newsletter if you want me to keep you posted with my progress.

      Warm regards,


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