When do you find time to cook?

This is the question I am asked most often.


The question should be. “Why do I find  time to cook?”

I cook because I understand the powerful impact that foods have on your body and mind.


I get it. You are crazy busy, so am I. So here are some resources to make your cooking journey easy and simple to achieve the body and mind you’ve always wanted.


Before visiting the awesome resources I know and trust, please read this an important disclosure.


Drink water

If you are not a fan of drinking water, check out my DIY Infused Water post.

Daily essentials I use to make my water drinking more fun and easily accessible


Eat a nutrient dense, low carb breakfast

Super Green Smoothie is quick and easy to make.

Essential tools for making the Super Green Smoothie:

Cuisinart portable blender
Organic dates



Eat Kimchi

You’ve already heard the news. Fermented food is GREAT for your gut health.


My Gochugaru & Gochujang Recommendations:


Essential Cooking Tools 

Cooking takes time and practice but having quality tools will make your cooking much more enjoyable and make your life easier.
Quality products can be expensive, but they’ll serve you beyond what you pay for them. You don’t need to acquire all the tools at once.
Add one at a time. Put items on your wish-list. Be smart with your money. Spend it where it counts.
Long-lasting, quality products make cooking easy. Also, you actively contribute less to the landfill by not buying worthless products and discarding them over and over again.


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