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In this episode, you’ll discover the powerful benefits of fermented foods.


Welcome to the second episode of my Kimchi Power video series. In the first episode of this kimchi video series, we demystified some misconceptions about kimchi and learned about how simple and easy kimchi making can be.


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As I promised in the first episode, we are going to learn about the tiny little friends that live in and on our bodies which make up our microbiome.


What is a microbiome?

According to Dr. Google, a microbiome is the microorganisms in a particular environment, including the body or a part of the body.


What does our microbiome do for us in the body?

Just to mention a few:

It protects us against germs

It breaks down food to release energy

It produces essential vitamins


These friends might be small in size, but their impact is mighty on our bodies.


Recent scientific research has been revealing the importance of their roles on our health and well being, but our understanding is still preliminary. We are just starting to scratch the surface of the complex relationship that humans have with microbiomes.


Having a healthy balance of microbiome is crucial to your health and well being.


When the balance of the microbiome is disrupted, the body will reach the stage called dysbiosis. In other words, dysbiosis is a term for a microbial imbalance.


This can cause havoc on your health and immune system.


How do you reverse dysbiosis in your body?


There are multiple ways to achieve this. One of the simplest and natural ways is to supply and support beneficial microbes by eating fermented foods, such as kimchi.


Kimchi provides both probiotic and prebiotic. Probiotic is beneficial microorganisms introduced to your body. Prebiotic is what feeds probiotic.


By eating fermented foods, you’ll reap the benefits of both worlds of probiotic and prebiotic.


The fermentation process makes food less toxic and more digestible. In the case of kimchi fermentation, It’s the lacto-fermentation that gives kimchi its wonderful, tangy flavor.


This is also the same process utilized in creating yogurt and sauerkraut. Lactobacillus bacteria, the beneficial guys, convert sugars into lactic acid while creating an environment for bad bacteria not to grow.


This process preserves the vegetables and gives them that delectable tang. Also, these wonderful microbes are what makes kimchi probiotic.


Eating fermented food is particularly important in this modern era. It’s because most of the packaged foods that you buy are lacking beneficial probiotics.The modern methods of food preservation, such as canning, freezing, chemical preservatives, and irradiation kill probiotics in the process.


So make kimchi and eat it ^^  Making Kimchi is easy and simple.


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I hope you enjoyed the second episode of this kimchi power video series. In the next videos, we’ll explore how you can implement delicious fermented foods in your daily diet, so you can look good and feel energized.



So stay tuned.


Eat Real, Be Real


Sun aka Hungry Gopher


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The powerful benefits of fermented foods
  • The small yet mighty friends, the microbiome in our bodies
  • A cause of havoc on your health and immune system
  • Why eating fermented foods is particularly important in this modern era
  • A simple, natural solution to reverse the dysbiosis


Resources I mentioned in this episode include:


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