Kimchi Power Ep1-Is Kimchi safe to eat


Kimchi Power Ep.1- Is Kimchi safe to eat?


Today, I want to talk about kimchi. As my kimchi recipe videos have gotten over a million views, I keep getting similar questions from you guys. This video is to clarify some misconceptions about kimchi and answer your questions.


So Let’s get to it.


Question #1. Is Kimchi safe to eat?

Yes, Kimchi is safe to eat. As a matter of fact, The American health magazine has ranked kimchi among the world’s five healthiest foods.


Kimchi is full of nutrition, packed with vitamin C, vitamin B, and It’s high in fiber and low in calories.


Koreans eat 40 pounds of kimchi per person per year. I am proud to say that I’ve done my share since I was a little kid.


The biggest benefit of kimchi might be that it is probiotic. Simply put, probiotic means “For Life”. By definition, it is a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities.


In our modern society, we think of living organisms such as microbes as our enemies. But contrary to popular belief, a lot of recent scientific research has been proving that having healthy microbes are a crucial part of our well-being.


I’ll talk more in depth about the powerful benefits of the microbiome and symbiotic relationships that our bodies have with these tiny little guys in the sequential video of this kimchi power video series.


You can enjoy the wonderful tangy flavors and reap the health benefits of kimchi by following my easy kimchi recipe videos at Hungry


Question #2. Do I have to sterilize or seal Kimchi jars?


No, you don’t.


This is unnecessary and amounts to a waste of time. Even though this practice will not your ruin kimchi, this is an unnecessary step to take which causes extra work without yielding any results.


Believe me, I lived in Korea for the first 26 years of my life and have never seen a single family who sterilizes their kimchi vessels or uses airlocks.


Also, I have been making kimchi on my own for over a decade without sterilizing vessels or sealing the kimchi jars and have never had any problems due to this.


Having said that using clean jars and clean equipment is recommended just like cooking anything else.


My recommendation is to use glass jars so that you don’t get undesired Xenoestrogens from plastic containers.


You can find my online shopping recommendation for kimchi vessels at Hungry


easy kimchi recipe

Question #3. Can I make kimchi less spicy? Can I make vegan kimchi?

Yes, you can make it less spicy. You can also make vegan kimchi or make kimchi with meat or seafood.


The power of kimchi lies in its diversity. Kimchi also can be highly modifiable just like any cooking when you understand the concept of lacto-fermentation.


There are over 180 varieties of kimchi in Korea. You can make kimchi virtually with any vegetable from green cabbage to fennel with or without gochugaru.


For the past two years, I’ve mostly made mild, yet flavorful water kimchi with seasonal farmers market vegetables.


There are two reasons for this. First, water kimchi, aka mul-kimchi are super easy and simple to make.


Secondly, I found out that I’ve developed many food sensitivities over 30 years by using immunosuppressant medicines. I’ve reversed many symptoms and become medicine free since August of 2015, but my body still cannot handle peppers yet.


Mul-kimchi is a perfect solution for me to enjoy probiotic rich kimchi without risking my progress of lowering my chronic inflammation condition.


In essence, there are only 3 things that you must have to make kimchi:

  • a vegetable of your choice,
  • some salt
  • and water


You can download a FREE list of 8 ingredients to make 10 minute MILD yet Flavorful water kimchi at the end of this video or on my website at Hungry


I hope you enjoyed the first episode of this kimchi power video series. In the next video, we’ll talk about a new radical way to look at your body by learning about our intricate relationship with tiny little friends that live in and on the body called microbiome.


So stay tuned.


Eat Real, Be Real


Sun aka Hungry Gopher



In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • If kimchi is safe to eat
  • An astonishing amount of kimchi that Koreans eat
  • Health benefits of kimchi
  • The flow of common knowledge about microbes
  • If you need to sterilize or seal kimchi jars
  • If kimchi can be less spicy, mild & flavorful
  • If you can make vegan kimchi
  • The possibility of kimchi with meat or seafood
  • 3 essential ingredients you must have to make kimchi (You already have them in your kitchen)


Resources I mentioned in this episode include:


easy kimchi recipe

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