Korean Chili Pepper Flakes  (Go-Chu-Ga-Ru, 고추가루)

Korean Chili Pepper Flakes (Go-Chu-Ga-Ru, 고추가루)

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Gochugaru, Korean chili pepper flakes, is a staple ingredient in Korean cuisine. Traditionally, it is made from sun-dried Korean chili peppers which are milled into flakes or powder. Large spreads of red chili peppers drying in the sun are a common sight in the Korean countryside. Try this delicious Korean staple, and let the Gopher know how you like it!
Where to buy Gochugaru? Buy it here,


My Gochugaru Recommendations:

Organic gochugaru

Non-organic gochugaru



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4 Responses

  1. Kazuyoshi Hayashi

    Does the package of Gochugaru you are showing above have salt as one of the ingredients? The ones I saw in the store near me had salt as ingredients? Should I buy the ones without salt?

    • Hi Kazuyoshi,

      The one I showed in the video does not have salt in it since my mom gave me her homemade one. That being said, I notice that store bought gochugaru often has salt in it. I have bought and used it, and dishes turned out well. So it should be good. Good that you check the ingredients though.

      Happy cooking!


  2. I love your videos and recipe. I only used the store bought gochugaru,but I would try to make it my own, can you share how to do it? Or any tips for it? Thanks

    • Hi Novy,

      Thanks for the compliments. I’ve never made it on my own. One tip that I have is the seeds are more spice than the flesh, so make sure to take them out. Unless you like it very hot.

      I hope this helps~