Health Goals – The Ugly Truth about The Perfect Time


It’s Sun Chung from Hungry Gopher.

My computer broke down on me after 8 years of service, but I still wanted to continue the conversation with you guys.

I had to use what I currently have, so you are getting an unedited video from my laptop.


Every challenge comes with an opportunity. This opportunity gives me a perfect chance to ask you a question.


Before I ask you a question, I want to share my current set-up to show you “what working with what I have” looks like. Let me turn the computer around, so you can see. I have a stack of books to set my laptop on top and got a great view here.


Improving your health and eating healthy is a lot like what I am doing now. If you are waiting for a perfect time, it’ll never happen. Now is the time and you’ll have to take action today or nothing will change.


You can not always control what happens in your life, But what you can do is focus on what you is under your control. Make a tiny step every single day towards your health goals.


This baby step will change your life beyond your imagination. That’s because things are cumulative.  


This is how I lost 14 pounds in 12 months and became medicine free, including the steroid medicine I had relied for 30 years.

[PDF Download] 5 things I did to lose 14 Pounds in 12 Months & become medicine FREE


It’s been 2 years since I became medicine free and reversed many of the symptoms I struggled with for years.


I’ll guide you with my hard-earned knowledge and experience.


But first, I need to know where you are so that I can help you.


What is your biggest struggle to achieve your health goals?


Comment below what your biggest struggle is, from weight loss to nutrition to sleepless night.

Don’t over think. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind.


Thanks for being here,


Eat Real, Be Real


Sun from Hungry Gopher


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2 Thoughts on “Health Goals – The Ugly Truth about The Perfect Time”

  • Finding time to balance my life with healthy eating. It’s a struggle to find time and try new recipes. I hope to start trying more recipes but how would you advise one to do so? It’s also a hassle when I have to buy all these new ingredients. Thanks.

    • Hi Kail,

      First of all, I want to congratulate you on having the awareness and understanding the value of eating healthy. That in itself is an accomplishment in our current culture. You Go, Kail!!!

      Excellent question. Finding time to balance my life with healthy eating has been a big challenge for me as well.

      There are many strategies and tactics I’ve developed over the years. It’s a process and I am continuously working on it. Let me share a few tips.

      1. Make sure to cover the foundations first.
      Food is highly important, but there are so many things you can do besides cooking.
      For example, drinking water in the morning to hydrate your body. Putting the right nutrition in the body as the first meal of the day is critical.

      2. Start simple.
      Cooking is a learn-as-you-do skill. If you already know how to make a few simple dishes without recipes. Start with them. The simpler the better.
      If your schedule is very tight, do not start making a new dish ( unless this relaxes you and you enjoy the process).
      Stick with what you have without buying new ingredients.
      Then when your schedule is less tight, implement one thing that you’ve learned and wanted to try.

      3. Do not get overstressed out about it.
      This is all about finding balance. Even if you eat “perfect diet”, your body can not extract all the nutrition from your diet. When you are stressed and hurry, your body goes into “flight or fight” mode. This will result in poor digestion and absorption.
      Remember, the body is highly resilient (not that you want to test its limit like I did by using the steroid medicine for 30 years)
      Take a deep breath. Calm yourself down. Tell yourself that it’s ok. We are human. We make mistakes.
      But, if you see a pattern, ask yourself what triggers that unwanted behavior. Is it a bad friend? Lack of sleep? Not enough preparation? Poor time management skills?
      When you find an answer ( or answers) for that question, remove the trigger if you can. If you can’t, minimize the trigger as much as you can.
      Forgive yourself and have self-compassion. And take a baby step towards your health goal after a good night sleep.

      I hope this helps.

      Much love,


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