Going to the Sun Road-Glacier National Park EP2


Are you a fan of horror films? 

Mr. Lunch and I ventured out onto the, “Going to the Sun Road”, to continue our journey through Glacier National Park.


The Going-to-the-Sun Road is featured in the opening scene of the 1980 film, The Shining, a masterpiece of horror film created by Stanley Kubrick.


This scenic mountain road is the main road that traverses Glacier National Park East and West. This historic road is generally only open from early June to October due to heavy snow and weather. We were very fortunate to get a chance to travel this road in late September due to the accommodating weather. The previous day of rain brought such drama to the scenery.


Have you seen moose before? Mr. Lunch and I decided to stake out for moose today for my first moose sighting. A proper preparation for stake-out in cold weather started with having the right fuel in the body. I was preparing good wholesome foods, so we would have good energy while we were waiting for Mr. and Mrs. moose.


This plan paid off. After hours of waiting, two lady moose showed themselves.

There was something magical about watching wildlife untainted by humans. I loved how they munched on swamp cabbages. After all, we have something in common. We both enjoy good eating.


As a finale to our 10 day trip in Glacier National Park, we went for a hike to see a glacier. Glacier National Park is dominated by mountains and they were carved into their present shapes by the huge glaciers of the last ice age. U-shaped valleys are found everywhere in Glacier which is the evidence of widespread glacial action.


Global climate change is undeniably clear here. Many glaciers in the park have already disappeared. There were about 150 glaciers in 1910 when the park was established. in 2010, there were about 37 glaciers left. If the current warming trend continues, all of the remaining glaciers in the park will be gone by 2030.


I believe you and I can reverse this trend by changing small things in our lives, such as turning off the engine when you are idling in the car, carrying a reusable water bottle instead of buying water in plastic bottles, and buying locally grown ingredients instead of those that traveled tens of thousands of miles before they get to your table.


Glacier National Park is full of wonders from dark forests to pristine lakes and wildlife.

I believe it’s our duty to preserve this beautiful land and allow the many generations to come to enjoy this beauty.


So join me in the movement to make small changes that will make big impacts.
Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for the last episode of this American West adventure. I’ll take you to Monument Valley in Utah for a fitting finale. 


Eat Real, Be Real.


Hungry Gopher




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