Missoula-Montana – Fly Fishing & Poke


Missoula, Montana – Fly Fishing & Poke


Have you gone fly fishing before?

If you haven’t and want to try something new in 2017, fly fishing will be an awesome way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the intricate web of life.

We were in Missoula, Montana. Missoula is the 2nd largest city in Montana with magnificent rivers and rolling mountains. It’s also a mecca of fly fishing.

Mr. Lunch and I had first visited here a couple of years ago and were awestruck by the natural beauty and the hippie culture that I call, ‘California meets the Mountains.’

We were back again to be on the river to enjoy the stunning views and catch some fish.

Let’s face it. I am not much of a fisherman, but I enjoy drifting on the river, admiring the mountains, big blue skies, the sound of water, the wind on my face, and watching all the living things in this breathtaking environment.

I also enjoy how fly fishing makes me learn about the intricate web of life by attentively tuning into which seasonal bugs the trout are feeding on at the moment. I’d never looked at the mayflies the same way I do now after learning about fly fishing.

Unlike me, Mr. Lunch is a natural fish boy. As you can see, this ticked him to the core.

One thing I know for sure is having the right teacher is a crucial part of learning a new skillset.

We got lucky finding Josh. Josh is our rocking fishing guide. He is also an outdoor enthusiast, foodie, and an amazing angler. Josh knows how to level with you even if you are a newbie like me and teach you about flying fishing at your eye level. So, even someone like me can enjoy fly fishing.

One of my favorite parts of all day fly-fishing trip is lunch on the river. Things always taste better in nature. We were having a very special lunch today, a homemade poke with wild caught tuna, generously provided by Josh’s wife, Steph.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this adventure through Montana. I’ll see you in the next episode where we travel north to Glacier National Park…
Eat Real, Be Real.

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In this episode, you’ll find:

  • An exciting new adventure you can try in the year of 2017
  • The stunning views of Missoula, Montana
  • A luxury fly fishing – drift boat fly fishing
  • The best lunch on the river – wild caught tuna poke


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easy kimchi recipe


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