Korea Travel EP4 – Olle trail & Seafood Restaurants- Jeju Korea

KOREA TRAVEL EP.4 –  Olle trail & Seafood Restaurants, Jeju Korea

What kind of adventures do you like?

I love hiking, eating good food, especially at seafood restaurants, and learning about and seeing new things that I didn’t even know existed.


So, Mr. Lunch, my mother, and I decided to take an adventure trip to Jeju island.

Jeju island is a volcanic island of South Korea, located off the southern coast.


It’s a popular vacation destination for Koreans and foreigners alike because of its beautiful scenery and its wealth of delicious local dishes and numerous seafood restaurants.


There is an abundance of natural wonders here which were formed from volcanic eruptions, ranging from waterfalls to lava tube, and even basalt cliffs. Among the many tourist attractions in Jeju, I found the Olle trail to be a unique attraction and a great way to experience the island. The Olle trail is a foot path around Jeju island, mostly following its coastlines. There are about two dozen routes you can explore, including some UNESCO heritage sites, such as The Sunrise Peak aka Seongsan Ilchulbong.


We thought the Olle trail sounded amazing. Besides, what could be a better way to experience the island other than by on foot? So we decided to hit the trail


Exploring the Olle Trail offered so many things. We found spectacular scenic views, small villages, carrot and radish farms, and forests.

Jeju is famous for its clementines aka Jeju gamgyul.

When we needed to rest our dogs, we would simply find a spot with a spectacular view and snack on locally grown fruit. This method of relaxation was the perfect simple pleasure on a trip like this.

Being in nature is such a rejuvenating experience. I love the sunshine on my face, the feel of the wind, the sound of the birds, and the smell of the flowers.


The proper way to wrap up an adventurous trek is to enjoy local food as your dinner. The seafood expert, my mother, picked out a good one from the never-ending row of seafood restaurants. The local seafood in Jeju was truly magnificent. It was so fresh, sweet, and delicious. Nothing gets much better than eating fresh food straight from the environment where things grow.

We were having an epic seafood feast here tonight. The variety of seafood and their flavors blew my mind. Can you identify what you see here?  This belt fish sashimi just melted in my mouth.


A pretty awesome day in Jeju island. In the next episode, I’ll reveal one of the most special meals that I have had in my life. A horse meat feast, or rather a “course of horse”. So Stay tuned for the next chapter of this Korean Adventure. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next episode.


Eat Real, Be Real


Hungry Gopher



In this episode, you’ll find:

  • My mother and her ninja stretching moves – perhaps it’s her secret to staying young
  • An epic seafood feast with some live octopus at seafood restaurants
  • Jeju island’s iconic fruit, jeju clementines
  • Fish bone broth
  • Hiking on the Olle trails in Jeju island
  • UNESCO heritage sites


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