Korea Travel EP3 – Korean food & Soju- Seoul Korea

KOREA TRAVEL EP.3 – Korean food & Soju, Seoul Korea

What do you think about when you think about Korean food?

Korean BBQ? Kimchi? Korean chicken? Ban-chan, aka Korean side dishes?


Whenever I plan to visit Korea, I always make a mental list months in advance of the “must-eat” dishes I must have during my visit. As the actual trip approached, I found myself laying in bed, smiling, thinking about all the delicious food I would have. If you too love food, this symptom might sound familiar to you.


Over the years, the Korean culinary scene has changed with the globalization of the food system and its rapid modernization. But, I believe the essence of eating has always been the same. Eating real, wholesome food, and sharing it with the people you love is the pinnacle of pleasure.


When you visit Korea, you will find endless eating options.  From quick snacks at street vendors to fine dining out, such as fancy raw tuna meals.


Seoul, Korea is a fast-paced metropolitan city, filled with skyscrapers housing a population of over 10 million people. That being said, Seoul still has roots of being part of an ancient city tracing back to the year 18 BCE.


When you visit Seoul, Korea, you’ll find a whirlwind combination of rapid industrialization taking place atop an old school, historical Korea. You’ll find that old and new things exist together in a strange dichotomy.  


From ultramodern subway systems to quaint streams in the middle of downtown. From creative young art scenes to grandmas who still grow their own vegetables in whatever square footage they can find.  


So visit Korea, when you get a chance. You might find yourself awe inspired by the hundreds of years old palaces to fascinating dishes you’ve never seen before or get lucky enough to have artisanal soju tasting made by a national treasure.


This is the last episode of my trip around the city of Seoul. Next time I’ll bring you more tasty morsels from my trip to Jeju island just off the tip of the southern mainland of Korea. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this Korean Adventure.


Happy holidays!




In this episode, you’ll find:




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