Easy Mochi Recipe With Adzuki Beans

Have you ever had mochi? Korean style mochi is called, chapssalddeok. Chapssalddeok is a popular snack in Korea. Chap-sal means sticky rice, and ddeok means rice cake. This is a semi sweet treat made from Korean red beans, also known as Adzuki beans, wrapped up in a chewy rice dough.


Ddeok is a class of Korean rice cakes made with glutinous rice or short grain rice.  

They rice is pounded down into a glutinous chewy consistency. In the olden days this was all done by hand with large wooden mallets. These days of course it is done with ground rice flour in a factory or ddeok-jip, which literally means rice cake house.


There was a ddeok-jip in my neighborhood when I was growing up.  

When I would walk by the shop the fresh deokk would smell SOOoo Good.  

Often I would have to stop in and by a piece, then I would eat it while I was waiting for the bus.


Enjoy this easy mochi recipe and let me know how it turns out~



Makes 8


Total: 15 minutes     Active: 15 minutes  


1 cup sweetened red bean paste (coarse)

1 cup sweet rice flour

¾ cup filtered water

2 pinches Kosher salt




  1. Make the read bean paste into 8 round 1 inch balls and set aside.
  1. To prepare the dough: combine the rest of the ingredients in a medium ceramic mixing bowl. Mix this well together just to combine all the ingredients.
  1. Cover this with plastic wrap, taking care to leave a vent at one side. Microwave this for a minute and a half on high.  
  1. Take this out, and stir it well. You will notice that the texture is becoming increasingly sticky. Mix this well maybe 30 – 40 times around the bowl to really work the dough.
  1. Now we’ll microwave this again for another minute and a half. Mix this around the bowl another 30 – 40 times. Our dough is ready.
  1. Turn out the dough on a nicely floured surface, making sure you have some flour on your hands because this is really sticky.

*Give this a couple of minutes to rest so it’s cool enough to work with.

  1. Roughly shape this into a rectangle so that we can divide this into 8 equal pieces. Divide this with a pastry cutter.
  1. Spread the dough out in the palm of your hand into roughly a 2 ½ inch square.

*make sure your hands are well floured.

  1. Then, place a ball of filling in the center of the dough. Pull the opposing corners of the dough up over the filling and pinch them together. One more time for the other corners to seal up the filling. Finally, pinch the seams and then rest it seam side down back on your floured surface.
  1. Repeat step 9. to make seven more mochi.


Gopher’s tips:

  • Mochi makes a wonderful snack, especially on the hiking trail. You can wrap them individually with plastic wrap and just tuck them in your pack.  Adzuki beans are high in protein and provide great energy for hiking!
  • This will only keep well for a day. The dough becomes harder and yields an unpleasant texture after a day. However, they are really easy to make so just make a small batch and make some more another time.


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