anti inflammatory diet

Is anti-inflammatory diet restrictive?

Yes, it could be. That is if you don’t know the whole story, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Discover the huge missing link I found going from “bed-ridden” to “going surfing”…

When I started my anti-inflammatory journey in 2015I was stuck with my health issues. My inflammation was so bad that I woke up at night from joint pain and itching my skin like crazy.

My research led me to the book called “The Autoimmune Solution” by Annie Myers. And it became the founding ground for me to understand the connection between inflammation, gut health, and chronic inflammatory problems – such as belly fat, joint pain, and skin problems.

The list of inflammatory foods I had to remove was big… It seemed almost impossible to follow the diet. But I was desperate because of so much pain in the body, skin flare-ups, and menopause weight gain.

The book talked about top two highly inflammatory food, gluten and dairy.

So I removed them. I got some incredible results. I was able to get off steroids for the first time in my life in 30 years. My knees and ankles pain was a lot less. 

Even though it was a restrictive diet, I felt like a new person with so much more energy.

In 2018, when I struggled with a mysterious Lupus-like illness, the anti-inflammatory diet didn’t improve my health. 

When I hit a year mark without much improvement, struggling with even getting of bed because I was so tired all the time. 

It dawned on me that perhaps there was a missing link. 

And there was a HUGE missing link….

Getting the whole picture is highly important for lasting success to feel good and get healthier. 


But taking the first step is how you start.

You can start the power within you by eating just a few anti inflammatory food you’ll notice the difference.

It’s not too late for you to make a difference for your health and try this anti inflammatory diet.

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