Coconut Milk Popsicle with Adzuki Beans

“BB Big” is one the most beloved popsicle treats in Korea. I grew up eating these delicious, red bean popsicles from the corner store in my neighborhood. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a homemade version of this classic treat. This recipe takes only four ingredients. It’s easy, simple, and delicious!  Make them at home, so you can enjoy these treats without artificial flavors and fillers.

Have a chilled out summer with these treats!




Total: 6 hours     Active: 10 minutes


1 ¼ cups sweetened red bean paste (coarse)

1 ¼ cups unsweetened coconut milk

4 tsp sugar

A pinch of kosher salt



1. Place the red bean paste in a medium mixing bowl.

2. Then, transfer 1/3 of the red bean paste to a blender and add the coconut milk, sugar and salt. Blend this up on high until it becomes smooth.

* Keep the remainder of the red bean paste as it is for texture.

3. Add the smooth mixture back to the mixing bowl holding the coarse red bean paste. Stir well until everything is combined.

4. Transfer the mixture to a measuring cup with a nice pour spout for easier pouring. Fill the popsicle molds, leaving a ½ inch of room at the top.

5. Use a spoon to add the beans which settled to the bottom of the bowl to the molds.

6. Place the popsicle sticks and put them in the freezer overnight.

7. By morning your tasty treats will be ready to eat.  Enjoy!


Gopher’s Tip:
  • To take the popsicle out of the mold, place the mold in hot water for 30 seconds, then gently remove.
  • Here are the popsicle molds I like.


Here are online sources for sweetened red bean paste and coconut milk.

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