New Years Resolution – 3 Radical Ways To Improve Your Health & Lose Weight

New Years Resolution – 3 Radical Ways To Improve Your Health & Lose Weight


The New Year is almost upon us. This is a great time of the year to reflect and make New Years resolution to ensure that you have a great start to 2017.

Some of you might already know my story about becoming medicine free after relying on steroidal medicine over 30 years to combat a chronic skin condition, called Seborrheic dermatitis.

I achieved this by changing my lifestyle. The pillars of the change were altering my diet and modifying small things in my life.

So I want to share 3 radical ways to improve your health, lose weight, and stay on course.


Number 1, Reframe your mindset.

Work with your body and mind, not against them. I worked against my body for many years by suppressing my immune system by taking harsh medicine. When I learned that I could support my immune system by supplying healthy quality nutrition and removing highly inflammatory foods, everything changes.

I was not only able to get off the medicine for the first time in my life in 30 years, but I also lost a total of 14 lbs/ 7kg that I had never been able to shed over the years.

Your body is not your enemy. Rather it’s your best friend. So treat it well and listen to your body.


Number 2, Do not over exercise.

In my opinion, this is the number one reason that people experience the ‘yoyo’ effect with their weight.

I used to be an avid swimmer for many years. Last year I learned that one of the factors that contributed to my chronic skin condition was the ongoing exposure to low levels of chemical toxicity. The swimming pool I frequented had a high amount of chlorine in the pool, so much that Mr. Lunch smelled chlorine on my skin, even after I had showered. So I quit swimming and started doing more gentle exercises, such as progressive stretching, mindful yoga, and walking outdoors since I enjoy the fresh air.

Even though I was doing less cardio exercise due to the changes I had made, my belly really tightened up. I never thought that would happen.

So be smart about what type of exercise you choose to do. Do something that you enjoy in a moderate amount, so the practice is sustainable and enjoyable for you. If you go overboard with a new workout, you will most likely find yourself abandoning the over zealous routine.


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Number 3. Have a challenging, yet realistic goal.

My chronic inflammatory condition developed over the years. It didn’t happen overnight.

If you are currently overweight or you are sick, the same applies to you. These things don’t just happen overnight. So give yourself a goal that is a little challenging, but achievable. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things will take time.

We tend to overdo it and then crash. This is a sure bet, you’ll get disappointed and give up on your goal. The chances are you’ll be making some progress, but it might be slower than you anticipate.

A great way to ensure that you stay on your goal is to focus on your ‘wins’. It can be small things. Write down your ‘wins’ everyday so you can focus on the improvement you are making towards your goal rather beating yourself over how far left you still have to go.


Write a small win everyday, such as “Took a 15 minute walk after lunch” or “Had a nutritious smoothie for breakfast instead of a chocolate croissant.”


Your body has an incredible healing power inside it. IF and only IF you provide it with the right environment and the right nutrition. As you get healthier, you’ll get in better shape and be happier. Work with your body and mind, not against them.


Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!


Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real


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