Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Kitchen – Save Time & Eat Healthy


Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Kitchen


The Holiday season is here. I know you are busy trying to find great gifts for your family and friends. So I wanted to share my kitchen favorites with you to aid you on your quest to procure wonderful gifts this holiday season.

Number 1, Cuisinart Portable Blender

I’ve been having smoothies as my breakfast for about 8 years, now. My smoothie recipes have evolved over the years, but my favorite tool to make them remains the same, The Cuisinart portable blender.
I’ve used other brands before, but this one is the best I’ve found on the market for its durability and performance. I like it because I can make my super green smoothie quickly in the busy morning.
Because it comes with single serving blender cups you can make individual servings for each family member based upon their different dietary needs. Your nutrient dense breakfast will be ready to go in just 5 minutes.

Number 2, Wusthof Santoku Knife

A sharp, good quality knife is the most important tool in the kitchen to make your cooking adventure easy, pleasant, and safe. Cooking with a low quality, dull knife makes cooking hard and painful. If you want to improve the overall enjoyment of cooking and plan to eat healthier next year, this is a must have tool in your kitchen. This also makes a great holiday gift.

Mr. Lunch and I bought my mother-in-law a Wusthof knife set as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago.

She said, “it changed her life”.


Number 3. Cuisinart Classic Food Processor

I love my food processor. I got this as a wedding gift from my parents-in-law many years ago. Our love affair has been growing steady and strong over the years. This is a workhorse that gets the job done. I use it for everything from shedding veggie to making sauces. Not to mention chopping vegetables, grinding spices, and making kimchi. This is a power tool you can rely on to get some serious cooking done. This food processor saves time and makes cooking a lot more fun.


easy mild kimchi recipe
So there are my top three holiday gift ideas for your kitchen.
This holiday season, I encourage you to be smart with your money. Buy long-lasting, quality products. This will not only make your cooking more fun and easy, but you will also actively participate in reducing landfill and pollution by voting with your dollar.

It’s good for you and good for the planet earth that we live on.
Have a warm and peaceful Holiday season.
Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real


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Resources I mentioned in the video:

  1. Cuisinart Portable Blender
  2. Wusthof Santoku Knife
  3. Cuisinart Classic Food Processor


Additional Eco Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas on a Budget:

  1. Unicorn Peppermill – I tried and broke many of them. This is the winner with a large volume grind.
  2. Water bottle – Participate in the movement to reduce landfill and hydrate your body.
  3. Salt cellar – Getting the salt level right is a crucial part of making delicious food. This tool will aid you in that endeavor.




easy mild kimchi recipe



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