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Kitchen DIY makeover | A Woman With A Chainsaw


I have an exciting announcement to make today.

Hungry Gopher is getting a new kitchen! Mr. Lunch and I have bought a fixer-upper in Los Angeles, California. We bought this place because of the awesome views of LA and its nice, quiet, ample yard.


Currently, the kitchen is in despair as you can see in the video, but I will be so pumped to have an upgraded kitchen with more counter top space once we renovate. Then, I’ll be able to make even larger volumes of gut friendly friends, such as kimchi and simple pickles.


For the past seven weeks, every Saturday has been filled with good old-fashioned physical labor in order to give a Kitchen DIY makeover. We have interviewed a handful of architects in the attempt to find a creative mind who can deliver the kitchen we want within our slightly shy budget.


Last night, one architect asked me a question I hadn’t thought about. He asked what the kitchen meant to us? That got me thinking…

What does your kitchen mean to you?

I can’t wait to cook and share with you guys in the new upgraded kitchen when it’s completed.


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