weight loss journey

This is my Weight Loss Journey…


I didn’t always have a flat belly.


Quite the opposite – boys used to tease me, calling me “fat girl” in school. 

When I went to college, my weight loss motivation was very simple – to get a date. 

By drinking water, instead of drinking soda and all sugary drinks, my weight went down 12 lbs/ 6 kg in 4 months. And some guys started asking me out. 

But still, my friends called me “potbelly” in Korea because that was my trademark.


But I was pretty happy with how I looked. 


Then came to my 30’s, I started gaining weight, slowly but surely. When Mr. Lunch and I plan to get married in 2009, I’ve tried very hard to lose weight. I’ve tried all kinds of diets and programs to lose those last 10 lbs.

I had some success, but my weight always bounced back.

In 2015, when I reached the 30-year mark on using steroids for eczema, the medicine stopped working. I was under so much stress from losing my job and had a lot of anxiety from my health issues and job security. 

My inflammation was so bad that I had a lot of joint and muscle pain. My scalp and face got so red and raw – it was painful.

Out of desperation, I looked for solutions that’d help ease my pain and calm my inflammation


One day, I was listening to a podcast. I caught a lucky break. Dr. Amy Myers talked about her book, The Autoimmune Solution. Even though I didn’t have an autoimmune disease, it perked my ear because she explained the connection between highly inflammatory foods and chronic inflammation.


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So I got the book and studied it to a T.


The healthy diet regimen in the book seemed nearly impossible at first. But I was desperate for help. So I started by removing what she claimed the two worst bad foods: gluten and dairy. The results were almost immediate. After ten months of gluten and dairy-free diet, I saw the lasting result. so I went full-on anti-inflammation diet aka AIP diet.  


Something amazing happened during that time. I’ve lost 14 Lbs in 12 months – and lost belly fat as a side effect of eating a healthy diet.


Although I was eating a lot of fat, my weight continued to go down and never bounced back. 

That diet worked out so well for lasting weight loss that I got almost too skinny although I was eating like a sumo wrestler. 


After 4 years of the AIP diet, which helped me lose weight for good and improve my health a lot, it has its limitations. 

By learning how to gradually lower my food sensitivities, I’ve enjoyed eating out with Mr. Lunch again. I don’t get stressed about what I eat or what I don’t eat. 


Let me tell you, having some bread, dairy, and yes, gochugaru in my life again is such a joy. I’ve been eating pretty much what I want to eat and when I want to eat since October 2019. 


And my weight is consistent with a simple, delicious meal plan and healthier habits that I enjoy in this weight loss journey.


What’s next?

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