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Foods can sometimes be hard to resist. But if you are on a diet, there are restrictions. Below are the Top 3 Questions about Weight Loss and Weight Loss Tips that will help you enjoy food and still satisfy your cravings while on a diet.

#1. I don’t know what to eat to lose weight?


  • My health and wellness journey began in 2015 due to my eczema challenges. I lost 14 pounds and never saw them again.
  • One thing is to take out highly inflammatory foods. Inflammation holds water in your body because your body is trying to protect you, so when you eat foods that cause inflammation, the water in your body will retain, so it will be difficult for you to lose weight. Once you lower the consumption of foods that cause inflammation such as gluten and dairy, the inflammation goes down together with your weight and your belly will shrink.
  • You can also add some food that’s nutritious and flavorful.


#2. What food should I stick to?


  • Think about what you enjoy eating and upgrading. Upgrading the quality is very important so don’t get fixated on categories of food.
  • For example, I love eating carbs and meat but a small portion. I do love steak, so maybe I’ll have that every couple of weeks or sometimes once a week but a smaller amount than a plate full of meat. Using the Korean cooking technique, you can thinly slice the meat and spread it out.


#3. What things to avoid and what things to emphasize?


  • When you eliminate some food, you want to add something nutritious and flavorful. No matter how good or clean the diet is, if it’s starving you from the flavors that you’re enjoying, it’s just not going to be sustainable. 


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