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Where did I go wrong? Here are diet mistakes people often commit and weight loss tips that can help you avoid the same mistake twice.

Some might know my weight loss journey came from a very unexpected event. The steroids that I relied on eczema for 30 yrs. stopped working.

To overcome this, I found out about an anti-inflammatory diet that lowers inflammation.

The one diet mistake I see a lot is…

“I’m already doing a lot for my health with food and fermented food”.

It’s in doing a lot.

Let me put it this way…

When making a delicious dish, you need to taste it. But when you taste the dish, you feel like something is missing. You figured out that the salt is missing so you added a little salt and you start and taste it again now you punched the flavor and it’s great and got great results. But then you taste it again and still feel that something is missing but you’re not sure what it is and you add more salt that is more than you needed. Then you figured out that it’s not the salt that was needed in the first place. Salt is still part of it but you overdid it. Maybe what’s missing is a little bit of sourness, a little bit of spice, and a little bit of sugar.

Same thing when it comes to losing weight. 

If you’re “doing a lot” for health and for your weight loss it will be too much.

You need to take a step back and think about what is missing.


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