not losing weight

Prevention is better than cure. Are you wondering why you are still not losing weight? Maybe you missed something. Something that you can avoid.

“I am on a partial patient with many health challenges, they’re relatively expensive. I’m not in a position to afford your system at this time”.

This is a question one of you have asked.

I understand your money is tight but let me read this to you. “Medical bills are reported to be the number one cause of U.S. bankruptcies. One study has claimed that 62.1% of bankruptcies were caused by medical issues.”

It’s important to put your health in front of anything else.

If you have money to buy clothing, put some money also for your health.

Your environment is also important to your health. The food you eat, the air you breathe, and the community you are in, have a lot of impacts on your health and wellness.

If you want to know how it affects your health,

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