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Have you ever wished that you could stop the vicious cycle of scratching until bleeding? 

After 177K views on the video, How to relieve itchy skin naturally, many people rave about how this method really works. 

It’s one of the many daily tools I practice going from “30+ years chronic skin problems” to clear skin all naturally. 

3 simple steps – to relieve itchy skin, naturally


Whether you are suffering from eczema, dry skin, or itchy skin. This technique will help you scratch less and reduce itching.

So I didn’t always have clear, beautiful skin.  

I have had skin problems since birth. At age 12, I was diagnosed with seborrheic eczema. Steroids were my best friend for 30 years to relieve my skin problems. And I packed my meds first whenever I traveled. 

My search for clear skin solution had begun in 2014 out of sheer desperation because steroids that I had relied on for 30 years stopped working.

The good news is that you can reverse all your skin problems, including itchy skin – and get clear beautiful skin all naturally.


How am I so confident?

Because I’ve done it. I’ve got clear, beautiful skin and became medicine-free since August 2015



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There are many components to get clear skin – but today, I’ll share 3 simple steps to reduce itching. I use this technique 2-3 times a day. And it works like magic.

Step 1 – Actively notice when you start scratching.

  • It’s hard not to scratch when you have eczema, hives, or rash all over your face or body. It’s OK if you start scratching. But Actively notice when you are scratching like crazy for more than a few minutes.
  • This mindfulness will get you out of the automated mode of scratching until bleeding.


Step 2 – Stop

  • Simply pause and stop
  • Close your eyes. Picture a “stop sign” in front of you.
  • And celebrate that you noticed and stopped yourself from scratching till bleeding.
  • This is a way to train your brain so that you can start breaking your old neuro maps and start building new neuro maps to change your response to itching.


Step 3 – Do Heart Breathing.

  • I learned this technique from Dr. Mario Matinez, the founder of Biocognitive Science.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe through your nose with your mouth closed. Just pay attention to your breath for a few rounds of breath. This will calm your system down because breath is like a bridge between mind and body.
  • If thoughts come in, let them in. Watch them as clouds go by. And gently come back to your breath.
  • Inhale as if the air is coming through your heart and exhale as if the air is going through your heart.
  • Take a few minutes, focusing on breathing through your heart.
  • You’ll notice that after a few minutes, itchy skin lessen and feels much better

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