Healthy lifestyle motivation

Have you ever wondered if you could overcome chronic health problems with a healthy lifestyle?

I have… and I have done it.

I have successfully transformed my health – cured eczema for good and lost 14 lbs in 12 months and never saw it again.

Is it sustainable?  Yes, I’ve successfully transformed my health since 2015  –  so you can do it, too.

How did I do it?

By building a healthy lifestyle.


Here are 3 healthy lifestyle motivation tips that will help you to get unstuck from where you are with your health challenges.

#1 Notice the difference

  • Actively notice the difference – what has worked before may not work now, so pay attention.
  • For example, I had relied on steroids for 3 decades.  I was using steroids for a chronic skin condition. After 30 years of using this, it stopped working. So I started using more steroids, and the inflammation did not get better, it got worse. That’s when I started noticing the difference. It really helped me to explore other options and found out what works for me – for real and for good


#2 Find a pattern

  • There’s a pattern whether it’s internal or external.
  • Let’s make an example. I had vertigo that I had for about a couple of years, and I couldn’t find its cause, but it kept coming back. So I asked myself these questions.
    • Did it get worse when I woke up in the morning?
    • Did it kicking in when I hang out with certain people?
    • or did it happen when I eat too much of something?
  • Harvard psychologist, Ellen Langer, puts it this way, “Nothing is the same all the time”. If you’re depressed, you’re not depressed all the time. Sometimes, you’re very depressed that you cannot move or get out of the bed. But sometimes you feel better. You’re willing to go out and explore.
  • Start noticing there’s a pattern and start making a note.


#3 Track it

  • Track the pattern. Start writing down what you notice.
  • For example, When I had chronic fatigue and vertigo, no one seemed to know what causes were. I started to focus on what I could do, rather than focusing on vertigo. I totally ignored vertigo and chronic fatigue. I made a list of 12 items that gives me a holistic view of how I felt each day.
  • This process taught me how to be kind to myself when I wasn’t feeling useful rather than beating myself up on the days I was too sick to do anything.
  • It also served as a guideline to find the pattern because you have these data points when you feel sick.


Remember, the goal is to build a healthy lifestyle sustainably while breaking the vicious cycle.

  • To break the pattern you have to find the pattern and see what triggers it. In that way, you can get out of it gradually and you’ll build a virtuous cycle.

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