Weight Loss After 40, weight loss tips after 40

Weight loss after 40 seems challenging if it’s not nearly impossible. Often in weight loss, we talk about the importance of calories and exercise. In other words, how do you discipline yourself — from the things you enjoy or do the things you don’t like doing? But in reality, if you’re going to have a sustainable weight loss, counting calories and doing exercise isn’t the most important thing to focus on…

In 2015, for the first time in my life, I got the flat belly in my 40’s. 

In 12 months, I lost 14 pounds and never saw them again. 

For a couple of decades before that point, I had tried to lose weight with all sorts of diet/ weight loss programs… the result doesn’t seem to stay… 

Here are my 3 Weight Loss Tips Over 40 (with no bounce back tips)

Step #1: Start your day with the things you like to do

  • Actively notice what make you feel good
  • For example, I like nature, walk at the park, and sunshine
  • Structure your day with your “feel good” activities and make them as a self-caring commitment
  • These activities are also built-in exercise = automatic weight loss after 40

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Step #2: Focus on eating what you enjoy eating

Step #3: Be kind to yourself

  • For example, just yesterday, I overate so much that my belly hurt. So I stopped. The next step is essential. I noticed that I overate. Rather than punishing myself, I came to the park today, being really kind to myself, and sharing my weight loss transformation story with you…
  • I didn’t fail. I got the feedback that I could improve on. – this is the mindset you want to focus on

What’s next?

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Download 5 things I did to lose 14 pounds in 12 months (and become medicine free)

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