Kimchi Container

Kris, one of my students from The Kimchi Master Course, had some questions about how how to Kimchi Fermentation and Kimchi Container tips – find the answers in the 4-min video… 

While answering his kimchi questions, I recommended in Kimchi Fermentation to use an onggi Korean ethnic earthenware, which was extensively used as tableware as well as storage containers in Korea. They are ceramic and waterproof, that’s the beauty of that Kimchi Container and doing Kimchi Fermentation in it.

But the problem is they are heavy, not leakproof, and hard to store.

This stainless steel container is my favorite. It fits right in my fridge. They are airtight, light, and easy to store.

I make a lot of 10-min water kimchi in this container and leave it to ferment -Easy Peasy.

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