Healthy chicken recipes-Braised chicken with sweet potato

Healthy chicken recipes: Braised chicken with sweet potato


This original dish of mine is one of my go-to Sunday healthy chicken recipes. Braised chicken is a great dish to make while you are sipping a glass of wine on a relaxing Sunday. This flavorful yet easy-to-prepare meal was inspired by Thai curry and anchored by traditional Korean soybean paste.

Some of you have requested recipes that make a great leftover, so here’s one. This braised chicken dish is a great one pot meal, that cooks down slow, and makes for great lunch boxes or dinner during the busy week.


So try this braised chicken with sweet potato and let me know what you think.


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Prep: 1 hour              Active: 30 minutes




1 organic chicken, cut into 2 inch/4cm pieces

1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil

1 can organic coconut milk

2 large Korean sweet potatoes, cut into 1 inch/ 2 cm thick wheels

*More info about Korean sweet potatoes aka goguma

1 large onion, roughly chopped

3 carrots roughly chopped

2 cups spring morning glory, roughly chopped (optional)

4 cups bok choy, quartered lengthwise (optional)

*Utilize any seasonal green vegetables of your choice

¼ cup fresh basil leaves

Sea salt to taste



½ cup red wine

4 TBSP Korean fermented soybean paste aka deon-jang

2 tsp freshly ground pepper



  1. Add the coconut oil to a large pot over high heat. When the pot gets hot, add the chicken as one layer to begin, so we can lightly brown this for about 5 minutes on one side, which will give us extra flavors.
  2. Turn the chicken when you see light brown color at the bottom. Then add the rest of the chicken and cook this over high heat for about 10 more minutes until the chicken flesh becomes more opaque and white.
  3. Combine the red wine, freshly ground pepper and the deon-jang in a small mixing bowl. Mix this well together.  (If you prefer not to use alcohol, use water instead)
  4. Add in the sauce to the pot. Give it a good stir and take care to scrape the bottom of the pot, so all the brown bits get incorporated into the sauce. Cook over high heat until it comes to boil which will take about 5 minutes.
  5. When it comes to a boil, lower the heat to medium. Add the coconut milk to the pot and give it a good stir. Cover this and continue to cook about 20~30 minutes until the chicken is cooked.
  6. Add in the Korean sweet potato and continue cooking for another 10 mins until they are cooked
  7. Use a chopstick to check the doneness of the Korean sweet potato by poking it through. When it goes through with a little resistance, then add the carrots and onions and continue cooking until the carrots are cooked to your liking. It’ll take about 8 minutes.
  8. Add the rest of the vegetables – except the basil, and continue cooking for another 4 minutes.
  9. Give it a stir and taste it to evaluate the salt level. Salt to taste.
  10. Turn the heat off and add in the basil leaves.
  11. Serve and enjoy.


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