Korea Travel Ep7 – Buddhist Temples & Hungry Gopher Sings-South Korea

What brings you joy and peace? For me, temples are one of those places that bring calmness and serenity. Buddhism is one of the largest religions in South Korea. When you travel in Korea, you’ll find many temples, especially in the mountains.


This picturesque temple called,  seon-un-sa is located in Seon-un mountain national park in Jeolla province in South Korea. Seon-un-sa has been an inspiration for many poets and artists due to its beauty and serenity that have endured for many years.


This region is also famous for fresh eel bbq seasoned with a fermented Korean condiment called, gochujang (Korean chili pepper paste). The area where yellow sea meets in-chen river makes this place an optimal environment for fresh eels to thrive.


After Seon-un mountain, we headed to our final destination called Mai-mountain. We ran into a rare site. Korean grammys were hand-making rice cake called in-jel-mi using a traditional method. Injeolmi is a variety of Korean rice cake. It’s made with glutinous rice that is steamed and pounded until it develops a pleasant chewiness. It’s cut into bite size pieces and covered with powdered beans.


They were so good, so we bought four packs and gobbled them all up within a day.


The joy of travelling is you never know what you might run into. You might discover things that you didn’t even know existed, or have a glimpse of the culture that’s foreign yet familiar to you. You might even share a wonderful laugh with a taxi driver by learning some words in a local dialect you’ve never spoken before.


This is the last episode of my trip to South Korea. I hope you have enjoyed the adventure with me as much as I have.


Remember guys, Eal Real, Be Real.  


Thanks for watching and stay tuned for what Hungry Gopher is cooking up in the next episode.


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In this episode, you’ll find:


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