Korean Chili Pepper Paste

Gochujang, Korean chili pepper paste, is a staple ingredient in Korean cuisine. The main ingredients of gochujang are gochugaru (Korean chili pepper flakes), fermented soy beans, rice, and salt. It’s savory, salty, spicy and slightly sweet. Gochujang has a medium heat with great umami coming from fermentation. Try this pungent, spicy Korean goodness and let me know how you like it!


Information on where to purchase food additive-free gochujang.




6 Thoughts on “Korean Chili Pepper Paste (Go-Chu-Jang, 고추장)”

  • It would be very helpful to those of us who don’t understand Korean if you would show us the Hangul letterforms to look for on packages of Gochujang and Gochugaru that denote whether the product is Mild, Medium, Hot, or Very Hot. Many of the products in my local Super-H Mart have no English on them at all, and I would like to make sure I’m buying the right thing. Thanks again for your cooking videos.

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks a lot for the great comment! I am so glad that you like my videos^^ That’s a great idea. I will apply your ideas to update the ingredients pages. Thank you again for the great feedback!

  • Hi, I really love your videos and website. I would like to ask whether Gochujang has expiry date. I have Gochujang that already expired. Can I still use it or throw it? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Dewi,

      Thank you so much! Gochujang doesn’t really have expiration date. Usually,it has “best before” because there is an optimal level of fermentation for flavor profile. That being said, if you have followed the direction for storage (usually refrigerate after opening), it should be fine. I hope this helps.



      • Hi Gopher,

        Thank you for the reply. Yes I always put the Gochujang in the refrigerator afer open it. Btw, could you please make a video how to use soybean paste for food? I just use it for miso soup. I want to try for any other food. Thank you so much.

        Best Regards,


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