Help Me Name My First EBook

I’m creating my first e-book.  Tell me which book title you like the best.


In the month of June, I’m going to launch my first e-book.  This book will be a collection of core recipes from this site.  This should be a great companion cookbook with additional information about finding the right ingredients.


I would love your feedback on which book title you like the most.


This book will be a guide to cooking 12 staple, Korean dishes with step-by-step instructions. It will also feature a detailed ingredient shopping guide with pictures.  This will be a great way to enjoy HG on your reader and share me with your friends and family.


Tell me which title you like the best, or suggest your own title.


Help me choose what the book title will be by clicking this link.


Thanks for your help!  Keep your eyes peeled in June for the official e-book launch.


Eat Real Be Real,


Hungry Gopher


  • Hey,

    I chanced upon your site whilst looking for a Kimchi recipe. I just returned from a 2 week trip in Korea and I missed kimchi so much. I’m sorry to hear LA’s visual effects industry hit a rock – I’m also from the creative field =/. Your videos are great, real and very entertaining. Keep it up! I gave a suggestion for your E-Book title. Good luck with it, hope to see it soon! =D

    • Hi Johan,

      I am so glad you found my site! It sounds like you had a nice trip to Korea ^___^ . Thank you for your kind words. Creative field can be touch, but being creative is what we meant to be I believe =) I’ll keep up for sure!
      Thanks for the nice comment and a suggestion on my book title. Cheers!


  • Finished watching ur Korean Egg roll Vid. You are just awesome and funny. Definitely gonna try this one. I’m from india and i suggest you try indian egg roll (street food). Good Wishes for your e-Book 🙂

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