Rock Probiotic Foods The Kimchi Master Course Intro

Rock Probiotic Foods: The Kimchi Master Course Intro

Want to make probiotic foods that will nourish you and your family (and taste great too)?


Gopher is creating “The Kimchi Master Course: Making your own kimchi with Farmers market vegetables”

  • Have you always wanted to make your own kimchi, but it seemed too intimidating?
  • Is store bought kimchi too sour or too spicy for you?
  • Do you want to know how to make kimchi with green cabbage?
  • Have you dreamed about customizing your own kimchi to your liking?
  • Do you want to use in season, farmstand veggies to create mind-bending superfoods?


My “The Kimchi Master Course” will answer all of  these questions and teach you the concept of kimchi making.

Once you master this concept you will be able to create your own custom kimchi at home just the way you like it. This will allow you to utilize local, in season veggies to create your own delicious superfood.


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As a thank you for requesting information, I have put together a list of The 3 Biggest Kimchi Mistakespeople make when making Kimchi. So click here to receive this free gift, and avoid kimchi mishaps.


Remember  – Eat Real, Be Real
Hungry Gopher
P.S. Try my kimchi recipes if you haven’t already. They are simple and delicious.



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