4 Ingredient Easy Recipes – Fluffy Korean Steamed Egg

4 Ingredient Easy Recipes – Fluffy Korean Steamed Egg (부드러운 계란찜)


How do you like easy recipes? I am a BIG fan. Here is one for you, fluffy Korean steamed egg.

It’s called gye-ran-jjim in Korean. It’s a silky, fluffy, egg delight.  Once you try it, this humble dish, with few ingredients, will quickly become part of your repertoire. Gye-ran-jjim is the one of few dishes I can eat over and over again. I like it hot. I like it cold. I like it every way.

This dish is commonly served in Korea, as a side along spicy dishes to help damper their heat. One of my favorite ways to eat this dish is accompanied by the baby octopus dish with extra nuclear hot sauce, called Jjukkumi.


When I worked for Nike in Korea, there was a Jjukkumi specialty restaurant nearby, my coworkers and I frequented for a Friday lunch treat. I remember there was a lot of sweating, eating the fluffy Korean steamed egg, and drinking water involved. As sweaty as we were, we were all very content after the feast ended.


Eggs are a truly amazing ingredient. Aren’t they? They transform into so many dishes like nobody’s business. Thank you, eggs!


Try this super simple yet profound dish and let me know how it turns out~








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Total: 20 minutes     Active: 15 minutes  


1 cup water

1 Tbsp sake

4 eggs

⅜ tsp. Kosher salt


green onion, thinly sliced (for garnish, optional)

capelin roe (for garnish, optional)



  1.  Add the water and sake into a small or medium stone pot.

*If you don’t have a stone pot, you can use a thick walled sauce pan instead.


  1. Meanwhile, we’ll prepare the egg mixture. Put the eggs and salt in a blender. Whip this up until it becomes pale yellow in order to introduce as much air as we can.

* This aids in creating a light creamy texture giving our end product almost a custard like feel in the mouth.


  1. When water comes to a boil, turn the flame down to low heat and add in the egg mixture.

After 30 seconds, stir this from bottom to top.


  1. Cover this with a lid and cook over low heat for about 4 minutes.

*If you are using a thick sauce pan, it’ll take about 3 more minutes.

**The egg will rise in the pot 2-3 times than it’s original volume. When you look at the surface, the form is almost all gone and it should look custardy.


  1. At this point, turn the heat off and keeping the cover on. We’re going to allow it to finish cooking for another 2 minutes with the remaining heat of the pot.


  1. Garnish this with some fresh green onion and some capelin roe for color and extra nutrition.  This is optional.


  1. Serve and enjoy.


Gopher’s tips:

  • This dish is delicious either hot or cold. You can easily double the recipe and enjoy the leftover as lunch or an afternoon snack.


Here are the online shopping resources for the ingredients and the culinary tools I used in this video:



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