top 3 easy kimchi recipes

Get your family eating healthy through kimchi…

Looking for a perfect side for bbq?

Piglet, my partner, loves BBQ. He was born and raised in the Midwest so it’s in him. 

When I started really digging into healthy eating in 2009, I started feeding him kimchi regularly to help him with his weight issues

He loves the flavors of kimchi, especially the 5-min easy cucumber kimchi. If your family member doesn’t support healthy eating, look no further.  Provide the flavorful food that they’ll love, such as kimchi. 

There are more than 180 kinds of kimchi, ranging from pungent flavors to mild yet flavor kimchi. You can virtually make any vegetable into kimchi. 

A good place to start is to start with proven easy kimchi recipes. 

That’s why I made Top 3 Easy Kimchi Recipes for Gut Health


When I made kimchi the other day, my husband said you are basically making a big salad. But it’s even better b/c this salad doesn’t go bad. The power of natural preservation.

So what happened to my husband after eating kimchi regularly – well let me show you. 

He lost a lot of weight and got healthier – became a fine stallion. 

Pretty cool, huh?

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