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The power of Kimchi…

“Dear Sun, I’m addicted to your kimchi never again I want to live without it.  I always regret that I don’t manage to start a new one before I eat the last kimchi. Finding your great tutorial and start having delicious kimchi in my fridge every time came along with the changing of my eating habits. In general, I no longer eat animal products. So now I feel happier with more energy and a few pounds of weight loss thanks for your work and help. Great recipe! greetings from Germany.”

The power of kimchi is that it make you feel happier, gives you more energy helps you lose few pounds of weight and most all change your bad eating habits.

Changing your habits takes a lot more time and efforts as well as changing your bad eating habits requires huge discipline and the simplest way to start it is to start eating kimchi.

Rita, one of your kimchi peers, sent an email and said that whenever she opens her refrigerator and sees the kimchi in her glass jar, she takes a crunchy veggie out whether it’s radish or onion and get satisfied by it without grabbing some potato chips. Her bad eating habits turned into a kimchi addiction which is more healthier.

Sustain your healthy lifestyle by starting to eat kimchi now!

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