Hi There!

I hope you’ve all gotten a few “tasty bites” from the information I have been sending your way about the Kimchi secrets.

I need to ask you a small favor…

Lately, I’ve been getting tons of emails asking how I am getting healthier as I am getting older. Even though many people have asked me to teach what I eat and how I eat, I have hesitated because I wasn’t ready.

While curing my skin flare-ups, dramatically reducing joint and muscle pain, and overcoming lupus-like symptoms in 2015, I started sharing my stories. However, I was still hesitant to share my formula.

After seeing my mom thriving again – losing her belly fat, reversing prediabetic, and dropping all her meds since 2017, now I am ready…

But now, because I have just received so many requests. And because I have been working on healthy eating with flavors for years, I’ve finally decided to spill the beans on my Kimchi Health Formula.

I bet you’ll LOVE it.

After literally years of work, I’m now putting the finishing touches on my long-awaited “Kimchi Health Formula.” I love empowering food lovers and home cooks with kimchi, and this has truly become a labor of love and, at times felt like remodeling a house!

I am REALLY close to finishing my Kimchi Health Formula, and I could really use your help…

Before releasing the formula, I want to be sure I have covered everything and would love your feedback so I don’t miss anything important.

This will only take 60 seconds. Can you go to this link and answer 4 simple questions? It would be a huge help.

Kimchi Health Formula Survey​


Thanks so much,

Sun aka Hungry Gopher

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