Can positivity be toxic


Today, I want to talk about positivity, not the power of positivity, but the toxicity of positivity.


When I became 40 years old, my life faced turmoil.

The company I worked for as an artist went bankrupt. My husband and I tried to start a family, but I couldn’t get pregnant. My chronic skin allergy was out of control.


I frequently woke up in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat.

One night, when I woke up at 2 am, I stared into the darkness, wondering where my life went so wrong.


I went to good schools. I worked hard. I ate healthily and I even exercised regularly. I did everything I was supposed to do, but somehow I ended up exactly where I didn’t want to be.


I was deeply puzzled and confused.


After 6 months of staying in self-pity, I started thinking about how to get out of this situation. I needed to change my career, improve my health and regain my sanity.


Between insomnia and raging inflammation in my body. My scalp and my face were so red, raw and itchy. I was desperate to find a solution.


One thing I intuitively knew was that I had to change my course. I also believed that there must be another way to solve my health challenges. After all, I had used steroid medicine that was prescribed by my medical doctors for 30 years to relieve my chronic skin condition. Even though the medicine helped my symptoms in the short term, I developed ever more symptoms and my health was declining slowly but surely.


To change my career, I launched The Hungry Gopher Cooking Show, combining my love for food, art background, and Korean cultural heritage.

Luckily, I spent a lot of time, doing research about healthy eating to provide quality content for The Hungry Gopher Cooking Show.


Eventually, my research led to me the book, The Auto-Immune Solution by Amy Myers. As I dug into this newer field of Functional Medicine, it opened my eyes to the possibility that I could reverse my symptoms by simply changing my diet.


So I did.


As of today, It’s been 2 years since I became medicine free, including the steroid medicine I had relied on for 30 years since I was thirteen. For me, seeing a scalp and a face that are not red and raw without the steroid medicine is a miracle in itself. I did not even know this is possible.


[PDF Download] 5 things I did to lose 14 Pounds in 12 Months & become medicine FREE


My journey of recovering my health and reversing my symptoms has taught me many lessons. One of which is what I know could be only a part of the picture that can lead me in a wrong direction.


Also, conventional wisdom and beliefs might be outdated and they can harm us rather than help us.


When you experience so called “negative feelings or pain”, our culture teaches us to brush them off and think positively.


What if the pain and negative feelings hold valuable information that can guide us in the right direction.


What if the very medicine that’s so readily prescribed to ease the pain might result in long term health consequences.


What if that piece of donut that you ate this morning has something to do with the fungus problem on your toe nails.


What if think positively is not always the best solution in the turmoil of the era that we live in.


I know one thing for sure. When I stopped “thinking positively” and started thinking about “why”. My life turned around. I started improving my health and the overall quality of my life has increased.


In our society, we consider ourselves healthy until we are not. But the truth is our health and well-being declines slowly but surely as we follow the current conventional beliefs.


So I urge you to pause and really look into the pain and negative feelings you experience.


Spend some time with the darkness of your friend.


You might find a solution to your problems where you least expected.


To find out more about my journey, check out this post.



Eat Real, Be Real


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