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How kimchi is good for your gut health?

If you’re wondering if Kimchi can improve your gut health, the answer is … Yes!

Eighty percent of your immune system is located in your gut so it’s highly important that you support your gut health.

As your gut supports and protects you, you should also do your part and protect it too.

One very simple way to support your gut health is to … eat kimchi.

Kimchi has probiotic and prebiotic that really helps support the immune system.

So “how long can you leave kimchi out to ferment before putting it in the refrigerator?” – Rob

The answer is … when you first make kimchi they’re not nearly as active so how they grow the numbers and potency is when you leave it at room temp.

It takes usually three days to ferment at a room temp and sometimes up to four, five days. It’s all about your preference.

If you reach the stage wherein you like its stain, then that’s the time you put it in the refrigerator and it slows down the fermentation.

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