Pickles - Reuse Pickle Juice


What’s your favorite thing to pickle? Cucumber? Radish? Fennel? Eggs?  In my fridge, there is always some loose pickle brine because I am a big pickle eater.  “Jackpot!” is what I yelled out when I found out that the pickle brine can be recycled a couple of times, creating delicious pickles once again.


Have you made pickles at home yet? If not, here are few reasons why you should. First off, you can you make them with all natural ingredients unlike most store bought pickles. Secondly, you can adjust the sodium level so they aren’t too salty. Lastly, you can avoid using unnecessary preservatives – pickling is an already an all natural way to preserve delicious food stuffs!


It’s super simple to make homemade pickles.  So why haven’t you made pickles yet?



  1. Bring the brine to boil in order to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present. Maintain a nice rolling boil for about 5 minutes then turn the heat off.
  2. Let the brine cool to room temperature. *If you are in a hurry, you can use a water bath to speed up the process.
  3. Pickle your favorite items; once the items are covered with the brine, close the lids snugly and refrigerate.
  4. These items will be tasty and ready to munch in just two days.


Gopher’s Tip:

  • Use the pickles on a salad, make a quick rice bowl, or just snack them.
  • Pickles are a fabulous way to add, color, crunch, and interest to many dishes without adding a lot of calories.
  • These Mason jars with wide-mouth are great for pickling.


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