Thanks for sharing your stories from the US, Australia, Germany, Nairobi, Malasia, and other countries. I see that a lot of you struggle with weight issues, low energy, skin problems, pain in the body, and depression…

I working diligently to incorporate your input to finish up Health and Wellness Transformation System that’s coming up in March.

This time of last year, I was spending most of my days laying on the couch from constant low energy, vertigo, and brain fog. I started wondering if I was ever going get better and the thought of suicide came to my mind. Then I realized, I didn’t want to die because I really enjoy living. But I wasn’t sure what to do at the juncture…

It took some detours, trials, and errors. But eventually, I discovered the missing link to regain my health and wellness.

Get ready to learn about your awesomeness and your genetic potential at our Health and Wellness Transformation System event on Wed. March 4th.

Mark your calendar so that you don’t miss it.

If you haven’t joined the fun to take this 1- min survey to get your burning health and wellness questions answered at the event. Follow the link in this video, take the 1-min survey. Join the fun. I’ll see you on Wed. March 4th.

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