Fruit stands make Gopher perky

Fruit stands make Gopher perky
October 2, 2014
Fruit stands make the Gopher perky. This is how it usually goes down. When I sight a fruit stand sign along the road, Mr. Lunch hears me yelling out “fruit stand!” with a sense of urgency. In central Oregon, I found this charming fruit stand, ‘Draper Girls’ country Farm. Of course, I ended up with a big brown bag of produce.
Here were the things in my precious bag:

as-it-is peaches: $1/Lb. ~ score!
Tokyo Rose apples: kind of a softer apple, but with great flavors; very delicious
sweet corn: ah.. yeah….
well ripened plumbs: these guys stood no chance, I gobbled them up on the spot
homemade jalapeno feta cheese
Is it just me or does real food just taste real good?
Hungry Gopher

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