Easy Kimchi

Do you want to make kimchi easily at home?

In this video, I’ll share my 5 secrets to making good kimchi – “quickly.”

As the Hungry Gopher videos have over 5 million views on Youtube, my kimchi heroes shared their kimchi success stories over 580 times on this simple kimchi recipe. 

I made this video to answer your kimchi questions so that your kimchi adventure would be easy and fun. 
So let’s get to it.


The beauty of Lacto fermentation lies in its resilience. If you follow my recipes and kimchi tips, there no need to sterilize your kimchi jars.

Also, airlocks are a waste of time and money.

I lived in Korea for the first 26 years of my life and have never seen a single family who sterilizes their kimchi jars. Also, I have been making kimchi on my own in 15 years in my California kitchen.  And I have never had any problems due to this.

That said, using clean jars and clean equipment is recommended, just like cooking anything else.

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Kimchi Secret #2 – AVOID OVER SALTING 

Over salting is a downer. I know how you feel when this happens.

How do I know? Because I failed three times to make kimchi on my own when I started making kimchi. I was so heartbroken that it took me a couple of years until I gave it another try.

One way to avoid this is to practice the golden rule of cooking, taste as you go. When salting and brining is involved, always taste as you go. This way, you would notice before your vegetables get too salted.


Look at it this way.

Think of kimchi-making as learning a new language.

If you are a beginner at learning Korean, I’ll teach you Korean ABCs first – not giving you my favorite Korean novel.

Right? Right.

The same principle applies to make kimchi and cooking in general.

Start with a proven, easy recipe first.

The trick is to try something simple first, then build up your confidence.

As you make more kimchi, you WILL get better.

Then you’ll understand the concept of fermentation. Then you’ll no longer need a recipe.

That’s when you become a kimchi master.

Pretty cool, huh?

Celebrate who you are.

Follow the link or in the video to get the rest of my secrets. 

Download “Top 3 Easy Kimchi Recipes for Gut Health” (& Clear Skin)

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