Hungry Gopher Inc would like to thank you for your interest in collaborating with us in a manner that will create new profit opportunities for both our companies.
Our objective is to help our partners generate more sales and profits first and after doing so generate more sales and profits for our company.
The Profit Collaboration Program is guaranteed to improve your sales conversions by turning more sales leads into paying customers, assist you in generating more profitability in the form of referrals fees from your existing clients if they invest in our services, as well as to spend more with you than they do now buy more of your products/services.
Every new windfall dollar you gain from collaborating with us, without any expense or effort on your part will be more profitable than the current sales dollars you currently generate.
We stand ready to diligently do ALL the work to help you gain from these underutilized profit centers available to you.




Collaboration Offer – Give away a FREE 14-Day Skin Transformation System Program Valued at $199.
During this period of the FREE 14-Day Skin Transformation System Program, we will provide your unconverted prospects or clients to implement strategies and tools to reverse any of their chronic skin ailments.

Such a value-added service to doing business with you can serve as an incentive to do business with you again, a superior competitive advantage in your marketplace, as well as a sort of ‘price discount’ for new clients – generated from their increased sales guaranteed by us – to cover the cost of your product/service.

Our objective is to collaborate with you to significantly augment your selling efforts as well as dramatically increase your overall profitability. To do so we offer you two opportunities to work with us.


Opportunity # 1 – You include it as a purchase bonus, at our expense, to enhance your current selling results since it can incentivize your sales leads into doing business with you. Make it a limited time offer to stimulate urgency to make the purchase.

The service bonus to be carried out by us is valued at $199 and would serve to contribute substantially to the perceived value you currently offer your sales leads in attempts to gain new clients.
You can use our limited-time bonus offering as a tool to go back to any of your unconverted prospects to entice them with the added value into doing business with you now.


Opportunity # 2 – You offer it to existing clients to increase client loyalty and benefits by providing much appreciated added value that helps to further improve your current client’s chronic skin ailments.
By offering your clients such an exclusive service bonus as a gift for doing business with you can serve to further establishing your unique position and value in the market compared to your competitors. Differentiation and added value that will strengthen client loyalty to doing more business with you.
You may use our bonus offering as a gift for a repeat purchase or as a gesture of appreciation for their past business transactions with your company.
If you were to get 25% of your existing clients to make one more purchase from you per year due to their improved skin ailments from working with us, you could dramatically increase your company’s profitability.


In addition to the above-mentioned advantages for you, we also offer a generous referral fee, paid monthly, for each of your clients that engage our services.




1) A health conscious blogger who is committed to implementing ways to grow their company and ready to take action in doing so.

2) A social influencer who wants to generate profit by offering a natural solution to his/her followers to improve their skin ailments.

3) A business owner who is committed to growing their business a sustainable way by offering long-term solutions to their customers.

4) A natural skin care product company whose customers struggle with skin sensitivity and skin ailments.

5) A nutritionist who has clients of skin sufferers with an intention to improve their skin ailments by using foods as medicine.

6) A personal trainer whose clients are health conscious and are ready to take action to reverse their skin problems by upgrading their diet and lifestyle.

7) A business owner who is savvy in their understanding of the importance of leveraging other people’s efforts (OPE), other people’s ideas (OPI), other people’s skills and knowledge (OPSK) and other people’s resources and relationships (OPRR) to easily attract more money into their bank account.




During our 14-Day Skin Transformation System Program, we will provide your unconverted prospects or clients to implement strategies and tools to reverse any of their chronic skin ailments.


Here is the 3-step process:

1) Any referral you send that would like to claim their 14-Day Skin Transformation System Program offer will have a quick FREE Clear Skin Transformation quiz to take. This qualifying quiz is important to ensure your target candidate is a good fit for our services and has the capacity to properly implement the Skin Transformation System Program.

2) All your candidates that qualify will be asked to create a log-in to excess the FREE 14-Day Skin Transformation System Program to improve their chronic skin ailments immediately.

3) Once your referral completes the 4-Day Skin Transformation System Program to see the improvement on their skin FIRST before she/he decides on upgrading on the Skin Transformation System Program as a member to have clear, beautiful skin.