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I am Sun. I am a skin renewal specialist who helps individuals who suffer from chronic skin conditions transform their skin to look clear and beautiful in 30 days.

Hungry Gopher came to life when I came into a jackpot of turning points in my life, aka a mid-life crisis.

In the year 2013, I came into the perfect storm of events that one would call a midlife crisis.

The industry I had built my career in over the past 10 years in Los Angeles literally melted down.

I also hit 40 and I was feeling old. I was unsure as to where my future might lie.

Most of my close friends moved out of the city, so my social life shrank.
Mr. Lunch and I finally came to a decision to try to have a baby, but alas nature didn’t cooperate.

Alos, my chronic skin allergy was out of control.

Then, I felt trapped and depressed. At first, I waited for things to happen. Then one day I realized that I was done “waiting”. I was ready to take action to get what I wanted in my life, to LIVE.

I am introverted by nature. Sometimes, I just want to stay down in my hole and play it safe. But, when curiosity comes over me, I pop out of the hole with a strong urge to grow and learn about the world around me.

If you are watching this, I know the Gopher is in you, too.

In the midst of growing Hungry Gopher, I caught a big break, or rather I received a wake-up call.

I’ve suffered from numerous allergies and a chronic skin condition, called Seborrheic dermatitis (AKA Seborrheic eczema) since I was a little kid. It’s called 지루성 피부염 in Korean. For over three decades I used steroidal medicine to alleviate the symptoms.

Last year, in August of 2015, I learned that I could treat the cause, not the symptoms by changing my lifestyle.

By no other force than altering my diet and modifying small things in my life I was able to alleviate my chronic symptoms.

For the first time in my life, in over 3 decades, I have been free of taking steroidal medicine.

So it’s your turn. I’ll share the knowledge and experience that I’ve learned through my research, trial, and errors.
Your body has an incredible healing power inside it. IF and only IF you provide it with the right environment and the right nutrition. Work with your body and mind, not against it.

Learn more about my clear skin journey here.



Mr. Lunch, the man behind the camera, who is also my best friend and my life partner mostly calls me by nicknames.  In the summer of 2013, he started calling me “Gopher”.  I didn’t think much of it back then. Then one day, I went hiking and saw a gopher popping out of the hole, and I thought to myself, “that gopher is just like me!”.  I can be introverted, staying down in my hole for awhile but then when the curiosity (some might say “hunger”) comes over me, I pop out of the hole with a strong urge to grow and learn about the world around me. Thus, Hungry Gopher became my symbol of unstoppable curiosity. My inner yearning to learn about the world around me one bite at a time.



If your life is filled with rashes, hives and itchy skin. You are not alone. I understand how you feel.

I had suffered from chronic skin conditions since I was an infant (per my Mom).

On a sunny spring day in 1985, Seoul, South Korea, I scratched my scalp with a sharp pencil until it bled. I was thirteen, 1st year in middle school. My scalp was so red, raw and incredibly itchy that I couldn’t stop scratching it.

When I came home, my mother took me to a doctor. I was prescribed a topical steroid. It was the beginning of the 30-year prolonged use of the steroids until I reached my midlife crisis.

When I became 40 years old, my life faced turmoil. The company I worked for as an artist went bankrupt. My husband and I tried to start a family, but I couldn’t get pregnant. My seborrheic eczema was out of control. My scalp and my face were so red, raw and itchy. Between the rash on my face and insomnia, I was desperate to find a solution.

One thing I intuitively knew was that I had to change my course. I also believed that there must be another way to solve my health challenges. After all, I had used steroid medicine that was prescribed by my medical doctors for 30 years to relieve my chronic skin condition. Even though the medicine helped my symptoms in the short term, I developed ever more symptoms and my health was declining slowly but surely.

Luckily, I launched The Hungry Gopher Cooking Show in 2014 as an endeavor to change my career. Naturally,  I spent a lot of time, doing research about healthy eating to provide quality content for The Hungry Gopher Cooking Show.

Eventually, my research led me to the newer field of Functional Medicine, it opened my eyes to the possibility that I could reverse my symptoms by simply changing my diet and lifestyle.

So I did.

As of today, It’s been almost 3 years since I became medicine free, including the steroid medicine I had relied on for 30 years since I was thirteen. For me, seeing a scalp and a face that are not red and raw without the steroid medicine is a miracle in itself. I did not even know this is possible.

My journey of recovering my health and reversing my symptoms has taught me many lessons. One of which is what I know could be only a part of the picture that can lead me in a wrong direction

Also, conventional wisdom and beliefs might be outdated and they can harm us rather than help us.

You can heal your skin naturally with foods and drop your medicine. I am a living proof. You can get your clear beautiful skin back in just 30 days. Sign up here to hear more about my 7 point natural skin transformation system…

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I can’t wait to hear your skin transformation story…


Eat Real, Be Real,






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11 Responses

  1. 손성일

    재밌게 보고있어요 응원합니다..^^

  2. 성일씨,

    감사합니다. 한국 분으로는 처음으로 댓글 달아주셨네요 =)
    저도 재밌게하고 있어요…ㅋㅋ


  3. Hi Sun,
    While going through youtube, I have seen your channel by incident. Your recipes are amazing. Even though I am from India, I have now started trying your recipes. I admired about your way of presentation. Off course because of your camera as well. I have just tried Egg role, it was fantastic. yet to try your other recipes. Like you I am also very passion about food. Thanks for sharing and updating recipes for us. All the best!!!

  4. Sun~ Thank you for publishing your E-Cookbook. I’ve been looking for recipes for kimchi that I can eat. I have many food allergies. It’s difficult to find recipes and then make them for your own enjoyment. I’m looking forward to your Mother-in-law’s kimchi/ potato “mash-up” (hint). I hope a second e-book is in the making along with your fantastic personality. Take care!

    • Hi Lynn!

      Thanks for the comment and purchasing my Ebook. I am glad my kimchi recipes are helpful to you. As a person who has a lot of food sensitives, I understand the difficulties you face.
      I’ll make a note of the hint you dropped =). Currently, I am in the process of creating The Kimchi Master Course, but you got me thinking about a second ebook.



  5. Anthon Kur

    Hi Sun, my name is Anthon from Sydney, Australia. I was stumle upon your youtube video when looking for an authentic haemul soondubu jjigae. I love your video personality right away thanks to a nice recipe and good camera techniques by Mr Lunch.
    Be hungry and be curious indeed!
    I really enjoy korean food since ever but just trying to cook one myself until recently. Many thanks for your effort and please keep posting new recipe video!

    • Hi Anthon from Australia,

      Welcome to Hungry Gopher! Thanks for sharing your story and your love for Korean food. I am so glad you found my content helpful. I’ll make sure to tell Mr. Lunch about your compliments.

      Btw, Sydney is beautiful. I’ve visited there a handful of time to visit my brother. He lives in Sydney.

      It’s so good to have you on The Gopher Land =). I’ll keep working on providing quality content.



  6. Hello, Sun!

    I honestly don’t remember how I came across your site. I may have been looking for kimchi recipes. I love your honesty and your recipes are so simple. Korean food is an absolute favorite for me. While I’m sad about the pitfalls and dips that have happened in your life, I’m glad they did. The Hungry Gopher probably wouldn’t be if it weren’t for those closed doors of the past.

    You are encouraging to me. I hope to encourage you to keep at it. Stay hungry! Stay curious! The world was given to us to explore and enjoy.

    • Hi Monique!

      Thank you for such kinds words and encouragement. I’ll keep your words close to my heart and keep on trucking =). You are absolutely right. Those pitfalls have been great lessons for me to become a better person.

      I’ll keep on nurturing The Gopher inside me as you suggested =)



  7. Poornima

    Very glad to come across your website! It’s several years late but better late than never. Thank you for your wonderful channel/message Sunshii!! I am originally from India, but been in the US for a while. Although I don’t suffer from a specific condition, many things that you mentioned seem to apply to me. I plan to continue to watch and learn from your website and youtube channel. I am considering a serious lifestyle change and very glad to have found your site/channel at the right time. I thank you truly for sharing your message with us.

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