You can reverse your chronic health conditions by eating wholesome, real food. I learned this through my journey of becoming medicine free, including the steroids I had relied on for 30 years to relieve my chronic skin condition, seborrheic eczema. 

If you suffer from any of the following chronic health conditions:

Chronic joint and muscle pain Chronic back pain ( click here for a case study of my mother ) Chronic skin conditions such as • rashes • hives • acne • itchy skin • eczema • psoriasis • seasonal skin conditions Obesity Thyroids Arthritis Depression

Our Approach

We provide you the recipes, the benefits of health-promoting ingredients, the importance of fermented food, practical health tips so you can implement them in your life to improve your health and your family’s health. We also provide wellness advisory, coaching, cooking demo and support. 

Our Tools to help you to reverse your chronic conditions:

Results to expects:

  • 30 days to enjoy your walk without back pain or joint pain (or much-reduced pain) 
  • 30 days to clear, beautiful skin 
  • 60 days to smarter and happier you with improved brain function and mood  
  • 90 days to the skinniner you
  • 90 days to get steady energy without crashing in the afternoon



A simple 10 minute NO obligation, hassle-free call with a Health and Wellness Specialist/Advisor can provide a customized solution that works in as little as 90 days or less.  

Call us at 323-505-9169 or email us: support@hungrygopher.com to schedule your call!